Nimiq's (NIM) latest blog post made me buy more! Why I like Nimiq (NIM).

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I was scouting out some of the smaller alt-coins that I like when I came across Nimiq's latest blog post concerning their technical progress.

They are on their way to Nimiq 2.0 and what they have accomplished so far is pretty awesome. As are the rest of the features they plan to complete as well.

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One of the most interesting aspects of that post was Oasis. Ten31 (a German bank), specialized in the emerging blockchain space, is the first party to integrate OASIS into their regulated banking infrastructure. (

Nimiq’s Open Asset Swap Interaction Scheme (OASIS) is the blueprint that describes how to make off-chain assets such as USD, EUR, stock certificates, web domains and many more behave as if they were tokens on a blockchain.

Checkout the full blog here:

What is Nimiq?

Nimiq is a browser based blockchain. It was written in Javascript ES6 and because of this, the complete blockchain runs in the browser.

The main goal of Nimiq is to solve the payment solution, and to provide a browser based payment solution of sending money. They also have nearly instant transactions as well. Nimiq is a CPU only mineable coin, since it uses the Aragon2D algorithm. But, they will be moving to a proof-of-stake model with the release of Nimiq 2.0.

Nimiq intends to lower barriers of entry for blockchain technology, and make it accessible for mainstream use. You can head to now and experience how simple it is to create a wallet or mine inside a browser - installation free.

This is one of the reasons I like it. Simplicity and speed.

Nimiq is making blockchain technology as accessible as the internet, with a vision to truly decentralize the web. Current available cryptocurrencies are complicated and counterintuitive for the average person to use. True internet decentralization is impossible if access to blockchain technology is limited to only the technically oriented people. Until blockchain can be picked up with general recognition and general usage, its true power remains unrealized.

Nimiq also has some time and funding under it's belt.

Nimiq held its ICO throughout June and July of 2017, and raised over 10 million USD.

They have been around for a few years now and have the funding to be around for many more. Expect Nimiq to be around.

View the Nimiq full roadmap here:

Well, that's all! Hope you found this interesting and are now looking at NIM as a potential investment! If you're already a NIM user, feel free to send me a tip! 🤣


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