How I'm funding my open-source project, and supporting open source software too! If you have any change to spare, doate and get HIVE on tio!


About Askcr

I'm currently building a Q/A platform for the Crystal language which is pretty new and unknown. Hoping to spread it and be a good resource to ask and find answers to questions. Right now, all of the costs will be out of my pocket.

Also, the code is open-source. Written in Crystal which is also open-source, and with the Lucky Framework (you guessed it, also open-sourcE), both of which I'm trying to help grow.

I think a dedicated Q/A like StackOverflow would be a good place to start. Except this Q/A is focused specficially on the Crystal ecosystem (Crystal, shards, frameworks, guis, etc.)

Users will be able to ask, answer, mark solutions to their questions, earn achievements, tip each other via various crypto methods and more top secret features coming soon! I do have a decent amount of interest in this project so including HIVE as a tipping option could help benefit us both!

The project is currently being re-written and the initial release is about 80% done for it's initial release! You can play with the testing version and very buggy version of the app here for now:

If you'd like to help, please feel free to open up issues or contribute code. As of now I'm doing this all on my own.

So, I was wondering if the crypto community could help out.

I've been promoting HIVE and following HIVE since launch because they have such an amazing team and their Proof of Stake seems very fair,

Launch should be in the next 1-2 weeks! You can plat with a very buggy test version here before launch: (the info posted during alpha may or may not be reset before official launch

For more info you can visit the Github repo (, here's addresses to some popular coins.

HIVE (send to user: nolyoi, include link you'd like displayed on our site and/or a sentence or two about yourselves)

  • BTC (bc1qkjd9vdvmgmzwma786guc8u04rztnuat3alm3ks)
  • BCH (bitcoincash:qpgr0cynas2drss4l6rqjp3zeccjc75cks6vl8yux9)
  • OXEN (LW46cVQKT4b5SpgBaxBAD9Pb78UFHGnY83V3jgvHT8Tc9Xscr61vuAHZdaMQqLJjof2KC5Zx6NoU5Nw5pqrS1ALs5otQ1mr)

More donations can be found on our here:


  1. NIM currently holds the lead,
  2. BCH is in 2nd place with $27.

Where's HIVE!? No HIVE donations just yet.

Sad to see no Oxen donors as it is legitimately 100% my favorite project on the market now. 😌

Extra Information

Anyone who donates $10 or more will be listed in our GitHub README under Donors and on our website under the "Donors" page.

Top 3 individual donors overall will have a spot on our homepage with a name, paragraph, and link to any site they'd like. Other donors will be featured on a "Donors" page.

Top 3 currencies with total donations will have a tipping platform integrated! I would love for it to be HIVE, NIM and LOKI as they're both near instant transactions and deserve more recognition. Plus the privacy of OXEN.

Well, I hope some people feel generous! What can HIVE do to help support the open-source community?

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