Finally got around to farming some CUB!

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I'll admit I haven't been very active on this side of the web too much lately. However, I have been occasionally browsing, just not posting too much because I've been pretty busy with some work projects.

Today, I finally got around to checking out Cub Finance and I'm pretty impressed. It reminds me a lot of when I first scouted out and put some money into PancakeSwap.

The UI is super clean and easy to navigate. Though, not being the most informed on the whole defi space, I did have a small struggle figuring out how to get into the farming. Admittedly I was being a bit lazy, so once I finally took a peak at the docs it made it pretty clear.


I decided to put a little $1k investment into the CUB-BNB LP farm and the initial APR was around 208% and is around 220% at the time of me writing this. I plan on keeping it there for as long as possible or until I see another good pairing that is worth the move in profits.

I think this is another project that has a very bright future if it gets promoted in the right way.

Kudos to the LeoFinance team for putting this together. I continue to be amazed at all they've since the launch of Hive and I hope they keep at it!

Who else here is farming and promoting CUB? How's your experience been thus far?

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