Monster Maverick Show Replay - Episode 51 - 2021-06-08

It's wild times in the Splinterlands world these days. Between recording the show yesterday and posting today, lands have SOLD OUT!

Next up on the selling out docket is UNTAMED.

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Episode 51 2021-06-08
Hey everybody. It is Tuesday, June 8th, 2021. And that means it is time for the monster Maverick show and yes I just sat down right as the time was ticking over to the live stream. Apparently I had forgotten to go live on air, but I am here. I am streaming. I think everything is good. We've got a green bars on ops.

[00:00:47] And I'm lining up in the palmate discord. So I think we're all good. And I did remember to hit record. Thank you, crim I, I hit it a little bit late, but it is it is working so we are recording. We will be posting this on the YouTube and the podcasts and all that stuff. So just re-tweeting the MSP waves tweets.

[00:01:08] And if you've never been here before. Well, everybody in the audience has been here before. I know that, but you're listening to the replay and you've never if you're a new listener or a new watcher, this is must remember the monster Maverick show, which is all about the splinter lands world in the audience.

[00:01:26] We've got yabba team at one of our illustrious founders of the splinter lands game. I am I'm Neil. I run along with my partner Gerber. We run tech one-on-one and deck four oh four. DEC one oh one is the card buying service where you send a card to deck one oh one and you get a hundred, 1% of its DEC burn value of straight to your hydrogen wallet, you know, three seconds later.

[00:01:48]It's great. If you have a lot of cards that you want to sell quickly and you don't want to sit around on the market for DEC four, four is our account playing service. If you will, a bunch of idle cards that you want to put to work in the game, then And you can you know, talk to us and we'll get you set up on, on delegating cards to one of our accounts.

[00:02:06] And then, you know, I put a player into there. So biz wants to know what was the special deal. So as Ron Don says he had to officially recognize the term splint Hershey's. That was the deal. So splinter she's let's see if we go Dick USD, H H E, that gives us our, the gurbani command of the of the dark energy, crystal price, Datalink swell.

[00:02:28] Ah, Ron beat me to it. So Ron is our producer. He runs all things, MSP waves which is where the show has its live broadcast and then recorded. And then it goes out to YouTube and podcast networks and all that kind of stuff. So. If you want to show, talk to Ron Don cause you know, they're always looking to add more shows.

[00:02:44] There's plenty of space on the calendar. But you know, whenever we have idle time, it's the juke blocks streaming music streaming service. Ron Don says he's setting up some cool stuff, which is great. But you can watch on, on waves on them, on data. There are the links. But yeah, so, oh, you're putting a hold on.

[00:03:00] Onboarding. What, what the, what. So, this is the kind of thing you should tell your DJs before. Right. Go, go ahead and say stuff like that. But but yeah, so it has been an eventful week in these borderlands world. So, you know 10 days ago, something like that, we got you know, the SPS announcement that the governance token is going to live on Binance smart chain, which is fantastic.

[00:03:27]I think that's. One of the best moves that the team has made just overall in the history of the game, which is now three years old, amazingly enough. So, so the SPS token will be, we'll be living primarily on by the Smartsheet and it'll be used in game as well on the high blockchain. So it will have some interoperable interoperability, but I think the majority of it will live on BSC.

[00:03:54] And that has opened up the world of splitter lands to the wider crypto and gaming. Mainly crypto, I think world and cause you know, nobody's heard of hive and the few people who have heard of it, don't like it. So and there's various historical reasons for that, which don't really matter right now.

[00:04:12] But you know, it's just a very, even though the technology of hive is fantastic. You don't got delegated proof of stake. We've got three second blocks. We've got texts in blocks. We've got custom Jason being broadcast, you know, it's all these advantages. But in terms of. Crypto market perception. It's it's very much not in the top tier.

[00:04:33] So it's just one of those weird things where you know, building a better mouse trap doesn't mean the world is going to be to beat a path to your door. So, bye bye. Bridging the game itself onto binding the smart chain through the governance token. It basically puts split arounds on the map in a way that it wasn't before.

[00:04:54] So that's been all great. And if you tuned in last week, you watched me buy a second region for myself because so what had happened was, you know, so I bought one region during the land presales the promotional pre-sales back in December, I think it was. And. Yeah, that I think that gets a yes.

[00:05:18] Like I think that gets an artifact based on like hive prices, you know, being volatile along with you know, the price of dark and your crystals, but so. You know, I bought, I bought a region for, you know, future discount in the, in the very early presales. I was crowded out of the first round of the pre-sales.

[00:05:36] So I got my guaranteed spot in the second pre-sale and as compensation for getting crowded out, I also got a legendary totem, which was nice. But since then I had been thinking, it's like, well, do I want another region? You know, the more details we've gotten about how lands is going to work, the more I've realized that one region is not going to have everything with all the permutations of, of land types and rarities and everything.

[00:06:00] It's going to take, you know, two or three regions really to have at least one of each thing. So I've been kind of teetering back and forth on whether or not to buy region a second region. That is so what tipped me over the scales though, was the SPS announcement, the, the, the expansion of the game into Binance smart chain and bringing in that whole crowd of potential, you know, users and partners and, and all these things that getting onto an Ethereum type chain allows.

[00:06:32] Is pushed me over the edge. It gave me a little bit of FOMO, right. So I decided last week to go ahead and buy of the region. And it's a good thing I did because if we look at the shop we are down to 10,005 oh seven at this particular moment. So, if you, if you remember from last week when I was buying my region, that I think took it from $22,000, 21,000, it's been, it's been a week since then, you know exactly because I did it during the show last week, and now we're down to 10,507.

[00:07:05] So roughly 11,000 plots have been sold in the past seven days, which is a lot, you know, that's you know, even, even at maximum discounts, Right. That's you know, 15,000 times 11, which is a bunch times 11, so that's $165,000 minimum going into the game from, you know, from whoever. So that's, that's not too shabby.

[00:07:33] I'm sure Gabby is pretty happy with that. Splitter lands influencer, maybe. I remember on a video of the test master did one time he referred to me as, you know, you know, Neil of splitter lands fame. And I was like, am I saying this? I don't know that's news to me,

[00:07:54] but yeah, maybe, maybe I am the splinter lens influencer. I don't know. Yeah, he says he had to rush to make sure the sold out message was added for when they run out. Yeah. So last week I had said that, you know, maybe in, you know, 10 to 14 days that things would be sold out. And I thought that was an aggressive target, but it looks like I might be right on.

[00:08:14]So so if you want lands, I mean, the, the time to get in is now you know, Yeah, but, and, and, and agro would have both said that, you know, if there are any further land additions in the future, we're talking in the far future, like many, many years. But for now this is going to be it. And I think it was flowy pointed me over to putting, remember to a great site, which has splinter cards now.

[00:08:38] I've I remember when this first launched, I took a look at it. But I haven't really looked since then. And they have added a whole bunch of stuff, which is pretty fantastic. And here's a land page that they have where they talk about you know, we have these blurbs about the expansion philosophy which is nice.

[00:08:54] Yes. And, but the, but the main thing is that it has all the, all the info that we've gotten so far. Yeah. Has all of the you know, the land types, the categories the rarities all All listed out. So, you know, it's going to zoom out a little bit here so I can get everything on one screen. So that is super helpful actually too new right here.

[00:09:19] So I, you know, I've never heard of this user before T Hawks, T H O X as the person who maintains this, but you know, really good job on all of this. In fact, I'm going to send him. Well, he's got these little donation buttons. I'm going to send him 50 hive here. Oh, he does hype Sanger. Both. You got to do key chain integration, my man, but let's just do that manually then send, send, hi, I have two T Hawks 50 split their cards donation. You can't even see this on the stream, but trust me, I am

[00:10:00] so, yeah. Paul, I was actually gonna gonna mention that as well. He's got a bunch of tools here, so, you know, peak monsters has their tools. You can look up pack values and the monster market has their tools. I think, I think splint X has tools as well. I'm not a hundred percent sure about that, but they have a nice PAC estimated expected value calculator here, which is just pretty great.

[00:10:21] Now I have one of these in my own spreadsheets, but this is way easier go into packs and loot chasse and all this kind of stuff. So a lot of, a lot of good a lot of good information here. So I think this is actually pretty great. And I was looking at the. The pack calculator. And if you look up here, we've got this nice little toolbar, which tells us that, you know, a thousand DEC is at nine 65, so 965 splint, Toshi which, which Ron agrees with officially now untamed pack EVs two 33.

[00:10:54] So that's an interesting number because you know, a pack is $2 and if D you see he's trading below the thousands and Toshi level, then you're actually, you can actually buy DEC. You can actually buy a DEC on the market and get it a little bit of extra arbitrage there. So you know, if you go through the calculator here, you know, you do a 500 pack, cause that's going to be the The max the, you know, the max discount.

[00:11:21] So you have the cheapest card price, and you can tell if you want to use both potions, no potions, Gil discounts. So misfits has a 2% discount. And I'm going to say free potions cause I have a bunch. So theoretically I could go ahead and buy a thousand untamed packs for or sorry, buy 500 untamed packs for a thousand.

[00:11:42]You know, dollars, but you actually get 575 packs and, you know, do the, you know, the potions will apply. And the expected value is a profit of $341. That is the flipping thing right there. But that assumes that you're using both potions and those potions are free. Also notice that, you know, the very bottom right-hand.

[00:12:06] Okay. Very bottom right-hand value there $380 is legendary gold foils. So there's gonna be a lot of variation, a lot of, a lot of variability in the actual results. I should test this on. I was actually thinking about doing that before the show. So, but then, you know, I have the potions on multiple accounts and it was too complicated.

[00:12:25]So, you know, I, I might make a post about that, but, you know, This is with free potions. If we have to pay for the potions and we calculate, then the numbers change a little bit, but we're still into profits. So, so Evie is positive regardless of whether you get free potions or pay for potions if you don't use potions, then it it doesn't work out.

[00:12:51] So, you know, we ended up with a minus two 73 here, but the fact that we have tools like this you should test it before and after to see if it makes a difference. Yeah, that's a, that's a great idea. And you know, just throwing money at the problem. So you know, just, just one little, one little tweak to this is that cost of 500.

[00:13:09]Purchased packs, you know, thousand dollars. That's not quite true if DEC is under a thousand so, you know, you know, there's a little bit of extra, extra profit in there from the difference between the par value of DEC and the market value when we're below par. So, you know, all all to the good, you know, and when we go over to the shop, we can see that we are halfway through the last.

[00:13:36] A hundred thousand eligible for an airdrop. So since since ag and yeah, but our both here are our illustrious founders. I want to take this moment to to lobby for a final airdrop. So when untamed sells out, it should be a special promotional card, even if it has no value, like no game value at all.

[00:13:57] Just, just a little status things. I mean, I was here. I was part of untamed. Here's my final airdrop. You know, it could be it could even be like a, like a title or something. I don't know. I just think that it would be nice to have now next dice airdrop will be announced soon a bucket card. Yeah.

[00:14:11]Let's see, how is dice doing? W we are getting kind of close other 10,000 dice there. Until the next airdrop. Now we, we do know that the next untamed airdrop should be a life epic monster and the, the dice you know, the dice are all one men monsters. So. You can kick it. Bucket does nothing.

[00:14:33] You can kick the bucket. That is true. So I'm just, I'm just saying it'd be a nice thing to have even if it has no gameplay value, just, just status. Say I was part of the untamed airdrops in fact, I'll I'll even go one better instead of just having just the same level of, of status symbol for everybody, you can have like different levels of the useless thing.

[00:14:57] And depending on how many airdrops you got. So if you were in from the beginning, you got all however many, 15 or 14 airdrops then you get the max level of whatever it is. And you know, pro-rata down the line, if you if you got, if you came into the game later. So I don't know. I just think it would be fun, but yeah, we are, we are due for a a, an untamed airdrop here.

[00:15:21] Once we hit the next. 52,000 packs, which, you know, was going to come much sooner than a lot of people expect it. So, you know, I had made that double market saying, are we going to sell out by September or something? And clearly we're going to blow, you know, blow that away. You know, I would be very surprised if we get out of June with with untamed, you know, not being sold out.

[00:15:43] So, you know, especially when we're into this flipping kind of area that we are here. You know, packs tend to sell really quickly when that happens. And later today, I think I'm going to be buying a thousand or it's buying a 500 pack buying a 500 pack of Avantium because, you know, I was like, so I have personally, I have, I have an untamed max level deck if I were to combine everything, but most of my untamed are outworking.

[00:16:10]You know, for me in deck four or four accounts, so we're not getting out of June ominous. So, you know, in my personal, my personal game playing account, I don't have very many untape. I've got a few I've got, I made sure I had all the opportunity monsters. I made sure I had a couple special utilities monsters that, that I felt I had to have, but earlier today I was playing a match.

[00:16:34] I was like, wow, I really need a shield bearer in this match, but I only, I don't know. So I just had like the level one virtual. So yeah. Have you done? I have, I have all the, all the untamed. I have all the dice Summoners. Oh, I've got a full dissect in my personal account, but but there are a lot of untamed cards that I don't have.

[00:16:51] Available to me in my personal bank account especially, you know, since I joined the misfits a week or so ago, you know, they really need you know, it's, it's me and solo miner who are playing the gold foil phrase. And you know, I have virtually no gold foil. Untaped all of my gold foils are alpha and beta.

[00:17:10] So. He can rent me some, I am really looking forward to the new rental system. I'm going to be using that a lot and you know, hope, hope that comes out sooner rather than, rather than later. I know on the last I think it was last show yabba mentioned that he had sent over some stuff to Jarvey for finalized kind of stuff, but you know, it's It can't come soon enough for the new rented system, but, you know, I'm seeing in Matt wind rental exactly when rentals.

[00:17:39]So, you know, You know, SPS VU and a smart chain, and those people finding out about splinter lands. And then we have this whole lands expansion, and then we have a functional game. You know, the people who've been coming into this court, I've been amazed at the level at the level of development.

[00:17:55] That's what our lens has. So, you know, I think that really gives credence to. What I call yabba strong words a couple AMS ago, where he said that, you know, there are a lot of games out there that are much worse that have been getting a lot of retail attention and investor attention. So that is true.

[00:18:12] And, and it's noticeable when, when those outside people come in and they say, oh, here's, you know, you can, you can play your game and you can rent your cards and you can. Speculate on DEC and you can buy lands for granted lands expansion is, you know, six months away, but still it's, you know, it's coming. So, I mean, it's just, it's just night and day difference between, you know, what splitter Owens has and what a lot of other blockchain games have.

[00:18:40] So you know, he, he's texting and driving. Don't worry about it. So, so yeah Yeah. So a couple things from last week's AMA that I wanted to hit was that there was an estimate of about 200 SPS per million airdrop points. And you know, I wrote, I wrote, I made a little calculator in Google sheets which I made a post about for, for doing your calculations.

[00:19:02] But I also noticed you know, splinter They have an airdrop calculator tool which is, you know, it's all the same thing, but I actually don't like this format, but it, you know, it calculates the same thing. So, you know, that is a rough guesstimation. Yeah, per day I think is the is the way that that quote works yes, per day estimate bold, bold face estimate, all disclaimers apply.

[00:19:28]But Yeah. So, you know, I'm, you know, since I got another region, I am looking at about 60 million airdrop points. So that'll be a lot times 200. So that's 12 billion SPS

[00:19:44] The most. Okay. So, so biz it brings up an important, an important point that so there's a new team member apparently named waffles, kitty. And she was brought on, on the AMA last week for a few minutes. And the I had asked her what her favorite card was. And she said the Byzantine kitty, which was just like a, a dagger, a dagger to my heart because it's just like, you know, it's so it's so cute.

[00:20:17] See, and you know, I mean, the card is great, you know, the, like having, you know, the tank heal and the plus two speed and the aim true or the whatever it's called and where you can't miss. You know, functionality fantastic. But the artwork is just so it's just so out of you know, not matching with everything else and, you know, to some degree it's like, okay, you want to appeal to a wider audience.

[00:20:40] Maybe having a little bit of this there makes sense. You know, cause the I would, I would say that the style of splitter meds cards has all been fairly consistent in that, you know, sort of. You know, sharp. I don't even know what you'd call it. I, you know, I want to call it a masculine style, but, you know, it's so having that other having the other style, I can see having some benefits.

[00:21:01]Oh, ag ag wants to come on here. Okay. I will, I will let him come on here. Oh, he has some alpha league. All right. Let's see. Oops. Welcome Agra. Can you hear me? Or I brought you on air. You are muted on your end though, so let's see if you can get your technology to work

[00:21:27] testing one, two, three, you know, when you say you have alpha to leak that you get on their worst. Yeah. All right. So while, while he is getting his technical stuff set up there were two other things that came from came from the AMA that I wanted to share. So one is is, was this a screenshot? So this is going to be the new rental.

[00:21:50] You can see the, in the right-hand side, it's a cell card, red card. So there's, so the integration for the new rental system is. On its way, which is pretty exciting. You know, from what I understand of the, okay, I'm good, Ron, don't worry about it. You know, I, to get a stuff set up or, or not. So, you know, from, from what I understand, the major advantage to the, to the new rental system is is card liquidity.

[00:22:18] So if I'm a player and I've rented like a steer to the forest, you know, level three Oh, I heard something. Yeah, I'm here. Okay. Finish your sentence. But I got some sweet, sweet, alpha, and I don't know how long I'm going to be able to connect. Okay. So you finish your sentence and finish straight.

[00:22:35] You're going to say, and then say Aggie and I'll respond. Okay. So a user has, is reckoning, a level three spirit of the forest. If the odor pulls that for whatever reason, Then another car gets swapped. It automatically user doesn't have to do anything. It doesn't have any interruptions with gameplay.

[00:22:53] So that is a huge advantage to the, the rental system where, you know, under the old system, which is the current system, you know, every, every different agreement is a, is a different contract interaction. And it's just a lot of, a lot more management. So if that is done, For you on the backend, then I think that's going to improve things quite a bit.

[00:23:13] Now, Aggie, what do you have for us today? So there's this little thing and it's called a splinter shard and it's, it's been quite popular. I dunno if you've checked sort of the secondary market prices and the expected value and those kinds of things. But things have been going a little bit crazy over the last 10 or so days as we've revealed parts of this.

[00:23:41] And I'm here to be able to go share one more little tidbit that might bring some joy into the hearts of a splinter fans, the world. Well, please bring us some joy. I'm all for I'm pro joy. Oh, good. Yeah, we all are. I'll bury the lead a little bit, you know, there's going to be some team tokens and there's going to be some tokens for liquidity.

[00:24:04] There's going to be some like a crap ton, frankly, for plater urn. That's one of the biggest categories so that the, the guys that are killing it out there, they're going to get a whole bunch. But the thing, the thing that I'm here to announce the thing that I'm here to share, and the thing that I think so many people are going to want to know is the price.

[00:24:26] Per SPS at launch. Yes. That is something that we all want to know price per SPS at launch. Yes. I, I just think it's such a critical number to examine, to think through, to just ponder, to just build a little suspension and freehand and to break it up, chin up. That's hilarious. And 8 cents each. Were you able to hear that 1.8?

[00:25:01] Eight?

[00:25:05] Yes. Yes. Okay. So Aggie's typing while in a car or I dunno. No, no, no. I'm going to type in anything. So yeah, that's the I guess it's not a launch, I guess, launch bang, you know, who knows what's going to happen in launch, right? So perhaps yeah. Yeah. But it has this disclaimer, head on not at launch for private token sale.

[00:25:37] Right. So that's at least giving you some numbers. It's not going to be that at launch mats, right? The the likelihood is, is that over time that price will go problem. Well, I can't tell you what it's going to do. I'll get in trouble. If I tell you what it's going to do, who knows what the price will be.

[00:25:50] But assuming that there's a fair amount of demand for this thing and may not stay at 1.80 cents each. I love that. So it mats, right? That's not the launch point. That's the the private token sale price. People have been wondering. And so who knows, who knows what happens when ICO's or iOS are on any here?

[00:26:12] This stuff happens, you know, maybe the price stays the same, but at least that's something. Yeah. That is, that is pretty great stuff. So ag your, your audio is terrible. So I'm going to put you back to the audience here. Yeah, so that is, that is pretty great alpha to, to hear from Agra you know, FA co-founder of splinter lands.

[00:26:33]That is pretty amazing. So, you know, I'm, I'm expressing, so let's do a little bit of a little bit of math here. So if we have an estimate of 200 SPS per month million airdrop points per day what does that look like? So let's do let's see 200 times 1.8 is, you know, 300 earth, you know, so that's incense.

[00:26:59]So $3.60 a day for, you know, each million airdrop points re you know, estimates, all disclaimers apply, blah, blah, blah. Times 365. So that's 1300 bucks worth of airdrop, you know, potentially. So the one thing that sucks run on is the BSE is not for those of us in the U S without privacy and IRS issues.

[00:27:23]So by that smart chain and are two different things. Not she, you know, you can be a us person and operate on bottom smart change is fine. You know, getting funds onto demand and smart chain is an issue, but if you're going through splitter lands, you know, SPS and DEC will be a bridge for you, you don't, you won't even have to do it or worry about it.

[00:27:40] And then, you know, if you want to do direct bridge, you know, without going through the game, there's, you know, the little bridge type mechanics. So, you know, operating on BAC is not a problem, IRS issues as well. That's a whole other thing of, you know, how to declare your, your crypto on your Texas. And you have a saying you won't need to use BSE at all to use SPS in the game and it will be tradable on other platforms as well.

[00:28:02] Yeah. So that's, that's pretty, pretty exciting. So if we're looking at, I mean, if, if that's a real number 1300 bucks per million SPR per million airdrop points in the first year, then Then, you know, that's a lot. So, you know, what does, what is a millionaire drop points? Well, it could be a million collection power, you know, if we go back to our SPS airdrop calculator could be million collection power, it could be million dark energy crystals.

[00:28:31] It could be let's see, what do we got here? It could be a, you know, a bunch of land. It could be some untamed packs. It could be, you know having a Praetorian title all of those, you know, have a, at least a private sale value you know, of, of that. So I think he's at 50 million I'm I'm right around 60 million.

[00:28:50]So what am I looking at? So we've got 61, two, three, one, two, three divided by a million times, 200 times or no, let's just do times. Time 3.6. So that's $216 a day. That's crazy. But that is pretty attractive. And then what does that times? 365. All right. 78 grand. I'll take it.

[00:29:24] Oh, man. You know, so obviously who knows what the price of SPS will do over time, but, you know, it's, it's like any other it's like any other, you know, economic good. If there's greater demand, you know, if demand pressure is greater than supply pressure, then price will go up. If supply pressure is greater than demand, pressure price will go down.

[00:29:44] Given the things that we've seen you know, so crypto in general has been having a rough time, the past couple of weeks. You know, Bitcoin's down again, it's down today, you know, there's this whole colonial pipeline thing which is the, it's just a fake of story I've, I've seen in a long, long time.

[00:29:59]So but you know, the Bitcoin conference is, I, I don't know if it's still going on or not, but it was going on in Miami. You know, the president of El Salvador is saying that owner equals Neal ability to sell equals false. Yeah. So so, you know, president of El Salvador is saying that he's gonna send legislation to his Congress.

[00:30:17] So, you know, dictating that or not, you know, saying that Bitcoin will be recognized as legal tender, won't be subject to capital gains tax or anything. And you know, some people are talking about, it's like, oh, you know will, will Bitcoin people moved to El Salvador? It's like, no, that's not, that's not the point.

[00:30:33] The point is the remittances. So you know, remittances are when people pull from one place, go to another place, work and send money home. He'll send money back to their family or whatever. And this is a huge thing in central and south America, they come to the U S they go to Europe, they you know, go wherever they've have better economic opportunity and they're sending money back home.

[00:30:55]So, you know like my, my in-laws are Ecuadorian and, you know, even though my mother-in-law has been living in the U S since she was like seven years old so you don't. I don't know, 50 plus years now you know, they still send money to their family, you know, back in Ecuador and that's a remittance.

[00:31:12]So if, if that is the, the target market for Bitcoin use, now you're talking about people coming in, you know, working in the U S or anywhere else you know, earning Fiat currency, doing whatever it is they do using that fee out to buy Bitcoin. And then setting that Bitcoin back home. Now, obviously devil's in the details with all these kinds of things, but that would, you know, so that gives the people in El Salvador, a, you know, a cryptocurrency to use, which they will then.

[00:31:44] Do whatever with you know, they'll spend it into the local economy and now you have, you know, El Salvador is dollarized. So they use the U S dollar as their local currency. And just like in the EU, when you have a currency that you have no control over you are subject to the whims of the monetary bodies.

[00:32:05] They do control the currency. So they are subject to the federal reserve essentially. And you know, if they inflate, you know, 50% of the money supply, like they've done over the past 18 months, then that's just what happens to them. And they don't have any control over it. If they start to transition a bit and they start, you know, using Bitcoin in their local economy now still the same rule.

[00:32:26] They're still subject to the monetary. P authority of Bitcoin, but we all know what that is, right. That's just the mining reward blocks you know, 6.2, five Bitcoin added to the system, you know, every block, you know, roughly every 10 minutes. So and, and that's a very, you know it's, it's really bringing code is law into.

[00:32:45] Their monetary system. So that's, that could be huge for them. And you know, other countries are already making noises about following suit. You know, there's been headlines out of Panama and Brazil just over the past day saying that they're looking at the same kind of thing. Brazil is obviously a much bigger market than both of those other ones.

[00:33:01]So, you know, that is, that is huge, but yeah, at the same time we've had this colonial pipeline hack, you know, quote unquote hack, a ransomware story. So the current version of the story is that so colonial pipeline, which are the operators of the, of the gasoline fuel pipeline that goes from, I think it goes from Houston, you know, through the, the Southern Southeastern coast of the U S and up into Virginia ish.

[00:33:28]You know, so the colonial pipeline feeds my market in Atlanta and you know, it got shut down because you know, their systems were, were, ransomwared. So, you know, they had the last version that I saw was that they had like eight or 10 people sharing one account with one simple plain text password, and, you know, You know, that account got compromised and the, the hackers put on ransomware and say, pay us whatever it was.

[00:33:53] Things like $90 million in Bitcoin. And then we'll, we'll let you operate your pipeline again. So, so so they pay some amount, right? And the FBI comes out, I guess it was yesterday or her overnight saying that, oh, we have recovered, you know, A bunch of Bitcoin from this you know, from this hack and, you know, people are digging into this a little bit.

[00:34:18] It's like, well, how did you recover that? Right? And it's like, oh, well, we had the keys. Like, what do you mean? You had the keys? So people do a little bit more digging and it turns out the, the, you know, I'll put it in quotes. Hackers sent the ransomed Bitcoin to Coinbase for sale, which is just. Absolutely insane.

[00:34:37] So, you know, I've run says I'm a conspiracy theorist, maybe so, because this story does not hold water whatsoever. To me, you know, if, if you're, if you're a ransoming you know, a giant company with, you know, national security implications for Bitcoin, you wouldn't, you wouldn't sell it on Coinbase.

[00:34:53]That th that just makes no sense whatsoever. Because if you're smart enough to do the one thing, you're smart enough not to do the other thing. So you know, I actually don't know the truth of what happened in, you know into that, but now that we have a an amount and a target address, I think the the internet sleuth we'll be able to backtrack you know, the, those, those coins and see where.

[00:35:17] The where the Bitcoin came from, that they paid the ransom as with, you know, I would not be surprised to find out that that Bitcoin came from some government agencies, you know, that's just what I'm saying. But you know, th the photo strong you know, fear, uncertainty and doubt Ron did it. Why does he keep getting away with this?

[00:35:35]So, you know, it's you know the price has been, has been negatively effected. We can see what the last couple of days. We opened yesterday at 35,800 and we hit a low, you know, today of 3,113. It's bounced back quite a bit back up to 33,000, but you know, it, it in a, in a weak trend you know, this has spooked some people and it's kind of, kind of amazing to watch you know, this play out in real time.

[00:36:01] But contrast all that. So Bitcoin's been having a rough time past few days. All, all of crypto, the entire crypto market has followed suit along with it. But what hasn't followed suit is splinter lands prices, because if we go over to, you know monster market has a really good tool I'm sure splinter cards does too.

[00:36:20] Let's see list price analysis. Oh yeah, I did see, I was checking out this, this tool earlier. So if we look at the, you know, the one week change, basically of, you know, and this, you can, you can use this tool to filter, you know, by, by splinter, by addition, you know, by rarity level, regular gold. I mean, it's, it's a pretty, pretty nice pretty nice tool actually.

[00:36:41]So you can see that, you know, most of these. Are positive you know, a couple you know, a couple of price, a couple of cards I'm down in price you know, Drake of our next soul storm Camaro princesses, basically even fire elemental. But you know, a lot of them, I would say the majority are positive and some of them are strongly positive.

[00:37:00] So like her slimeball up 27% and last week sniping normal of 25% Elvin defender up 34% work sergeants, not doing well down 21%. The car accident, not mine, much rain. Okay. So, you know, so prices are doing pretty well. And you know, I like to do my own, my own market check on my account you know, each week.

[00:37:20] Cause this is actually the only time I look at it. So let's see, let's see what we're at. I should probably start keeping track of this week to week. You know, I do include this as part of my monthly snapshot. But yeah, 235, two 48. Which is quite a bit I'm pretty happy with that to say the least.

[00:37:44]So, you know, it was interesting during, you know, as, as we had this bull market that we've gone through in crypto or the last, you know, five, six months. You know, the percentage of my crypto portfolio that was split reds was decreasing because, you know, not because the total value was increasing, but you know, the rest of my crypto was increasing faster and now the reverse is happening.

[00:38:05] So the total, total percentage of my crypto portfolio that is split or lands is growing once again. And you know, I'm, you know, before I was actually kind of worried about that, but now with the SPS announcement and the bridging combine and Smartsheet, I'm a lot less concerned about that. So I'm, I'm, I'm pleased all around.

[00:38:23] It's be having, you know, plenty of exposure to splinter lands. So, you know, it's all, it's all good, basically that will teach me to own things other than splitter lands. Yeah, it's true. I got a, you know, I do have my whale rules though. So, you know, if, if you've never heard this before, my whale rules are that whatever you're doing in crypto, you know, power of some hive, I just spent all my eyes that 50 hive that I sent to T Hawks is, is all of it.

[00:38:56]So you know, the well rules are that. Whatever you're doing in crypto, you know, crypto is an extremely volatile asset or asset class. So, I mean, we're talking about, you know, assets that, you know, go TEDx frequently. You know, sometimes you go hundred my room, even though it's, it's down 50% over the past week, it's up a hundred X for me because I bought in at 11 cents a year.

[00:39:19]Has it been a year? Yeah, it was summer last year, I think. So. You know, it's, it's, you know, when you, when you have these giant moves, you have to, you have to consider it's like, well, is it worth diversifying and having, you know, a little bit spread out amongst a lot of things. And I would say no, because you know, not everything's going to go 10 X you know, so if you have a dollar in, in 10 things and one of them goes TEDx, Well, now you have $19, but if you put that $10 into one thing you, and that goes TEDx, you have a hundred dollars.

[00:39:51] So the key to the whole thing is finding things that you, you have a strong belief will do well. And then, you know, placing your bets on those things and then waiting which is, you know, the huddle mentality, I guess. So, you know, with my wheel rules, I am heavily. You know, invested or heavily speculating on just a few things.

[00:40:11] One is splinter lands. That's actually, you know, now my largest single position I got Cub, you know, one of the yield farming projects from, from legal finance. I've got some Bitcoin, I've got some room and I think that's it. So I, you know, I've got a smattering of other things from, from before I started implementing my wheel rules.

[00:40:34] Rigorously, like I've got a little bit of bat. So you know, that is, that is it. And you know, by, by picking projects that had legs that will do well over time. Those well rules sounds suspiciously like Warren Buffet's rules. That is true. It's it's a crypto modification of, for Warren buffet, Warren Buffet's rules.

[00:40:53]So his rules, his famous rules are that rule. Number one is don't lose money. Rule. Number two is refer back to rule number one, but he has another rule that says, you know, don't diversify, you know put all your eggs in one basket and then watch that basket very closely. So that is the, the buffet well rules, and this is very, very similar.

[00:41:12] And, you know, I mean, he follows, he does follow that. If you look at the Birkshire house the way you know, the, the investor disclosure letters that everything, you know, they've got, you know, for, for a company that is the size of, of works Hathaway. They have very few positions and maybe 30 or something.

[00:41:29]And, you know, even within that it's it's parade are distributed, you know, it's 80, 20, you know, there's like Coca-Cola I think they recently divested most of their Wells Fargo. But you know, there's, there's just like a handful of companies that they have a lot of money in and, you know, their, their favorite time horizon is forever.

[00:41:45] You know, let's just sit on dividends. Similarly, you can do the same kind of thing with spinner lands. And, you know, as game functionality is added. Yeah, with lens expansion and the governance tokens, and who knows what else comes out of the governance tokens, because that's really opening it up to the, to the player base to kind of do whatever the players want, you know?

[00:42:06]So, you know, it's, it's, it's a project that is, that is paying dividends, you know, in, in many different ways. So you, I'm pretty excited to get what was the number. $200 bag at least at a private sale price valuations for SPS. And we'll see how those actually how was actually ended up trading on the market my guess.

[00:42:27] And this is, this is pure speculation on my part and not financial advice. My guess is that, you know, if SPS opens, you know, in that one or 2 cent range then. You know, it'll it'll rise quickly and solo saying POS Corrine's to improve the state coins are a lot like dividend producing assets as well.

[00:42:44] That is true. And that was my original entrance into steam. In fact, my first post on steam was how a financial guy I forgot the title, how a financial guy invested in or something like that. So, you know, it's it's And basically it was like having, having a portfolio and then using steam to generate income, to go back into the portfolio and reinvest that ended up not being the model I I I'm with now, but it was, it was a good start.

[00:43:07] The problem was is that, you know, the market price of steam and then, and hive, you know, has not held up at the time. So, you know, we're going through the whole bear cycle from 2017 to 2020. You know, steam and hive. However you want to count it, you know, dropped by, you know, 95% and, you know, no amount of 30% internal growth will counteract that that total evaluation drop.

[00:43:30] So that was a flaw in that whole plan is that you have to also pick assets that. Do well. And yeah, it was bringing up a good point that, you know, that's just the airdrop, you know, there's also SPS from play to earn and staking yeah. The plate earned, you know, it's going to be pretty interesting.

[00:43:47] So you know, it's, I imagine that people who are in champion will be sticking on themselves people in diamond maybe, but the, the lower. The lower league players will probably be staking on those top level players. And, you know, that'll depend a bit on exactly what the ratios are, how much those diminishing returns are and how much, how much those diminishing returns force the stake of SPS to be spread out over the players.

[00:44:20] But but yeah, it's going to be, it's going to be pretty interesting to see how all that. Shakes out. You know, there will be some popularity element to it. So like if Yassic goes, goes into discord, it says, Hey, you know, people, I need so-and-so you know, SPS staked on me to, to play that. He's probably gonna get it.

[00:44:38] You know, one of the top players in the game consistently does really well in the season rankings. But you know, there's also, you know, the, the more, the more rigorous financially minded people plenty of large. Large portfolio owners in spinner lands are very numbers oriented and they'll look at the, at the distributions of things and, and you know, place their SPS accordingly.

[00:45:00] But yeah, I mean, if you look at the chart from that I pasted earlier, where did it go scrolling up, scrolling up. Yeah. So the, the staking and play to earn is going to be. You know, a good chunk. Let's see, staking LP, Oracle wards, you know, 900 million over 65 months. And you know, it's, it's a bit non-linear with the, you know, initial ramp up and then the slope curving down a bit.

[00:45:28]I'm trying to stir the pot a little bit. How do you address the rumors? That's put on lenses, discriminatory, like guess birthing people. Oh, man.

[00:45:39] I don't know what that means. That's that's probably the best answer. Yeah. You know, even though, you know, you might be a bigot for not knowing what it means at least, or not actively insulting people. Right. But it, it all works. So, you know, I'm, I'm, I'm pretty bullish on the whole thing. I mean, that's, that's, that's the summary.

[00:45:59] I know I am looking forward to SBS w oh, actually another great feature of the splinter cards is the roadmap. So let me at this page which, which is actually pretty great. So I can't believe I haven't seen this person around in discord, but you know, if anybody knows T Hawks, then tell them they did a great job.

[00:46:19]And just, just since flowers in the audience, TBD boss fights thought it has been wanting boss fights for like two years now. But but yeah, so, you know, we're in Q2 security review and updates that's already been done at, so it should be more completed. new car delegation and rental system, Pretoria map release, land claims, redemption.

[00:46:39]That's going to be super exciting. And then Q3, you know, July, we get the, the SPS airdrop beginning and all of that. That whole system starting to be implemented. So I am excited for the next six months. And I'm still calling for lands to be Christmas. I know they've been saying Q4, Q4, Q4, but you know, it's going to be the end of Q4 basically.

[00:47:03] That's that's my it's on the map. Yeah, it's on the map, but TBD needs and has no that's no a calendar associated with it. So, you know, but that's a step split dermis. Yes, absolutely. So yeah, that's, that's kinda where we are, it's it. And you know, we're looking to sell out of lands here in the next week.

[00:47:23] Ish. Now, while we've been on the show and other of the tract has been sold, you know, 10,000, 401 plots left, you know, it's if you want to have If you want to have some plots and you don't have any yet say your time is running out. But one thing I wanted to, to do, which I guess we didn't have time for was, you know, looking at all the different land types and you know, it's gonna take a lot to, to have at least one of everything.

[00:47:51] Okay. Yeah. So Paul Paul is saying different phases for the land, you would think yes, that is will absolutely be the case, but You know, as far as initial functionality, I'm saying Christmas, you know, we can do something and then you'll be able to do more things over time, you know, with the staking of the monsters and seminars and building more, more buildings and, you know, getting those resources and then the crafting and all that kind of stuff.

[00:48:13]But you know, if you just look at this look at the land types and the categories and the rarities then it's, you know, it's a lot. What if alpha is tokenized? Is it still airdropped? That's a good question. I would assume. Yes, but I don't know. So, you know, it's, you know, so we've got, what is it?

[00:48:27] 14 land types. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14. Yes. 14 land types for your four different categories within those categories. We've got. You know different types of natural, you know, the different magical you know amounts, you know, the essences, each essence is going to, there's going to be six of those so that you don't want to reach splitter.

[00:48:50] And then we've got the four different rarity levels. So, I mean, if you do the permutations out there, it's, it's a lot to have at least one of everything and I want to have every, whatever, everything. So that's that's why I now have two regions. And then I have my, my 38 random plots that I got from liquidity provision rewards.

[00:49:10] And, you know, my, my personal plan is I'm going to see, I'm going to reveal those figure out what they are and then, you know, maybe keep them maybe not depending on what I have available in the regions. And last thing was we got an updated region screenshot. Last AMA, which I'm pretty excited about.

[00:49:24] So you could see the, the hex is, you know, the whole region and then we have the different tracks and then you can see the the, like the orangy reddish stuff as the castles and the keeps so pretty cool stuff. Things are moving along and I can't wait until we get some SPS. That'll be the next big thing.

[00:49:42] So thanks everybody for coming by. I know this hour just kind of blows by sometimes and you know, We'll see you again next week, basically.

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