Weekly Giveaway - 2 x SILVERSHIELD SHERIFF or 1 SBI

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⚔️ What are Hive SBI Shares:

I'm going to explain this in the simplest manner possible: For every share of Hive SBI I buy I get a chance to sponsor someone with an equal share. For example I buy a share and send your username on the Memo. I get 1 share and you also get 1 share.
This shares grant you an upvotes on your Hive post FOREVER, the more shares you have the more and bigger upvotes you get. There is no point choosing the Hive SBI option if you don't make any posts on your account.

If you're interested in the project you can check out the FAQ HERE

⚔️ The rules:

  • Upvote / Follow or Re-post is not mandatory but it is greatly appreciated.
  • Comment wether you prefer to receive a SBI share or the card(s). If you use a different username on Splinterlands please mention the account where you want to receive the cards.
  • Only one comment per person

The winner will be picked by a randomiser and will be announced on next weeks giveaway post every Friday.

⚔️ Cards for this week:

Silvershield Sheriff.png

Cards will rotate splinter every week, Fire -> Water -> Earth -> Life -> Death -> Dragon -> Neutral. I will also increase the prizes depending on last week's post payout both the value of the card(s) and the amount of SBI shares.

This week if you choose the cards and win you will receive: 2 x SILVERSHIELD SHERIFF (~$0,20) one of my favourite cards to play with when the mana cap is 30+. In case you opt for the SBI share you will be awarded 1 free share!

⚔️ Last week winner:

I'm currently using this tool to randomly pick one comment to win the giveaway.

Screenshot 2021-05-07 at 15.13.29.png

@nevies was the lucky winner from last week's giveaway! Nice to see this SBI share going to someone who actually posts on Hive! It's been so long since I last bought a SBI share that I don't even remember how it is done but I will figure it out and buy it for you right after posting this.

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