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This Monday I decided to go into crypto full time and make a living out of it! I spent most of my time planning and organizing for what's coming and I realized that Hive / Leo is one of my best growth avenues. I'm pursuing other ventures but dedicating most of my time to grow on this blockchain seems to be the best move for me, plus it's something I love doing. My writing skills need to improve a lot but doing this full time and writing everyday 1000+ words will do the trick. I'm also going to take some classes to improve it.

I've always wanted to have one of my posts on the trending page but I wasn't willing to put in the effort until now. The first step is analyzing the trending page and see what kind of posts usually make it up there and I noticed that there are a lot of authors that are ALWAYS part of the trending page.

They must be doing something right so I took a deep dive into their profiles to learn from the best and hopefully be among them in the future. It will take a long time but that's the one thing I have a lot of now that I'm going all in.

For this analysis, I used 3 different authors and realized that there are a lot of common factors that contribute to their success. They are @taskmaster4450, @edicted and @acesontop.

I'm ONLY looking at LeoFinance numbers and trending page!

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Consistency is key

The three of them post almost every day, sometimes multiple times per day. I've counted the number of posts from the 1st of June until today from each one of them. Let's look at the numbers:


In 25 days they posted a total of 122 posts! That makes an average of 1,63 posts per day from each of them. I'm currently aiming to write one post per day but I will step it up once I get better and faster at writing and editing posts.

Pro tip: Make a list on your phones with ideas for future Hive posts! Sometimes I think about great topics to write about out of nowhere especially when I'm lying in bed before falling asleep.

Post length

I never know how long should I make my posts. I don't want to make short posts that add nothing of value but I also don't want to make a super lengthy post that no one will be willing to read. To find the sweet spot let's look at the pros numbers:

Taskmaster and edicted words per post usually range between the 1000 to 1500 range. While acesontop averages around 700 words per post.

The length depends a lot on the topic you're writing about obviously but it seems wise to aim for 500+ words and less than 1500.


Turns out that the amount of followers has very little influence over the success of your posts. Taskmaster has over 4x more followers than Aces but both of them are constantly on the trending page. Having one whale voting on you is way more impactful than having thousands of plankton upvoting the post.
Quality followers over quantity.



Looking at the most commonly used tags and there are some clear winners:
Leofinance, proofofbrain, palnet and ctp.
The remaining tags are usually used to refer directly to the post theme.


This part is just common sense. If you want people to read your posts and engage with them you have to do the same for them. Try to comment as often as you can without spamming try to add some value and share your own opinions instead of just going for the "nice post" spam comment.


It takes some time to learn how to properly edit your posts but it is a tool you'll need to produce high-tier content. The visual aspect of your posts is crucial to keep readers attention. You should also use to create images to go along with your post. I create all my post headers and some personalized banners in there.


People who actually take the time to read the posts can tell if you're putting in the effort to make a decent post. I see a lot of users posting news articles from cointelegraph in their own words! This adds 0 value, I already read the news on a trusted source why would I waste my time reading it again with slightly different wording?

Hope you find this post useful and learn how to grow your account like the most successful users do. Having a lot of Hive Power or Leo Power also helps out a lot but if you follow the steps above you'll notice that your stake will start increasing faster every week! You don't have to invest thousands of dollars on Hive to be successful, you just have to put in the time and work necessary.

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