I'm Indebted to hive platform

I'm going to answer this but first, it's my 3 years now on the hive. @hivebuzz just notified me and it feels like just a year of staying here. I didn't notice it because of having so much fun here. I guess most of us agree about the fun. It's not just the money but also the ecosystem here. You know what I'm talking about. Okay, let's fast forward and why am I here.


Why am I here?

I was busy watching anime on Facebook. That's what I love about Facebook and nothing else. So while watching anime my friend @chrismadcboy2016 who is my friend and neighbor suddenly sent me a message in messenger. He told me about the details and when he said about money. My eyes were sparkling and became so excited to hoop in. I registered for free so I needed to wait for more than a month.

My hands and my mind were ready with excitement. Then by the time I successfully had my account I posted right away. My friend didn't tell me about the introduction post so I just posted randomly that I wanted to share. Actually, it's so funny to read my previous writings if I compared them now. As always the beginning was the hardest. No one voted for it and no content I've earned poor me. lol

Why am I still here in the hive?

A quick answer before an explanation. It's because I'm always Indebted to (st**m) hive platform. I'm not just talking about money here. I'm talking about many things I gained here. From knowledge about crypto, money, writings, and friends. These I'm indebted to are not just sugar-coated words. It's not like a coffee that you will put cream to make it whiter. These are my reasons and it's the truth.


Knowledge about blockchain

Actually, if I didn't join hive I wouldn't know cryptocurrencies or blockchain. I had heard about Bitcoin but I didn't know that it was part of crypto. If not because of the hive as well I wouldn't know that there is money on the internet that I could earn. Crypto is very hard to understand if you'll ask me. The graph thing and the price thing. I'm completely lost in blockchain if the hive didn't allow me to learn from it.



Sometimes I encountered or even checked my previous posts in the chain. I was embarrassed by the way I wrote back then. The grammar, the correct words to use, and the types of content to share. All of them made me little and ashamed of myself how I was back then. I'm glad that I joined hive because if I didn't. For sure I understand English but I wouldn't know how to write it like a native English speaker. But even now I'm not that fluent, just a little bit good from how I was before. lol



I've met a lot of friends here in the hive during my very active days. I hope they think of me as a friend as well. 😃 It's too many for them to mention but I will state those names who helped me by sharing their hives with me. I remember,

@themarkymark gave me 100 more hives I think, I can't remember well. He gave me when someone just sent my hive to another account. I was thankful and always was because of him.

@johndoer123 who helped me to finish my studies with a course in Marine Engineering. I thought I couldn't graduate anymore because I was in so much financial crisis back then. But he offered me much and thankfully I have my certificate of completion that I finished that course.

@denise who gave me hives when I was trapped in the City alone because of covid thing. I don't know how much but I'm sure it was much. She asked me why I powered down so I told her that I needed money to have food to eat. I couldn't go home because of that stupid pandemic. I was on training but canceled because of it.


Why am I still here in the hive?

Why would I not when this platform is like a second home to mine. This is where I can earn money for my important needs. As a matter of fact, I'm trying my best to write. Another last training needs to undergo to finally be able to be on board the ship. This will be served as my stepping stone for my future and will be my landing stone in the future. I trust hive so I keep on pushing my ass to be one of the known content creators here. Someday I can invest here if I can work for good next time.

I will never ever leave hive even if the value will not that much. If not because of money when it gets lower but I'm confident it will not. I will be staying here so I don't need to go to google to search for anything because I can find it here in the hive. Helpful tips, for health, words of wisdom, news of crypto, and many more. I know there's no other platform that can compare to the hive. That's why I will always be here.

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