Hive Informational Video / Marketing Update 23

I have commissioned to create a Hive informational video last month and this is the result.

I have written the script and had it approved and adjusted by a number of other people. @guiltyparties, @acidyo, @blocktrades, etc.... I want to thank them for their feedback.

The video itself was made outside the community. I have asked in half a dozen Hive discords and on Twitter if someone was interested in doing this with me before going outside the community.

Custom created videos like this are in excess of 3000 USD+. I could not justify such expenditure so this cost many times less than that. It took multiple changes and revisions but I feel that time spent is worth saving the money that will serve for the video promotion.

What I will be doing with this video is the following:

  1. Payed ads on Reddit. I dont use Reddit myself but some community members have recommended in trying out reddit for ads. They have a video promotion option..
  2. Im in contact with a number of twitter crypto accounts that will share this.
  3. Same goes for Instagram.

You will be able to find the video on @hiveblocks twitter very soon. Same goes for Facebook.
If you know any large accounts on twitter and Instagram that you follow, that do promotions, let me know and ill contact them.

Its going to take some time to coordinate this with so many people involved so be patient.

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