Will EOS hit $3.6 or $10?

Here's what EOS technicals look like:
EOS tradingview chart.png

The price of EOS is in a triangle as I have shown above. The breakout would mean the price will hit 9-10 dollars. The alternative scenario is that it goes back down to $3.60. Personally, I think there is a 70% chance it will go up and 30% that it will go down to the bottom of the triangle which is at $3.60.

I am not being biased here. We have had enough pain in the market for it to finally go up again as weak hands are shaken off. But still, charts are telling me there is a 30% chance it will go down. This is a little different from last time when I said it would only go up.

My prediction last time was exactly accurate. I said EOS would go to $10.4 when it was $3.8 and it exceeded that and reached $14.

And of course, do your due diligence before buying any coin or token. Manage your risks properly. Cheers.

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