This Week In CUB | Marketing Company Acquired, Press Releases, Full Kingdoms Launch & Updated Roadmap

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Over the past two months, we've developed and started to deploy CUB Kingdoms. In the last Official CUB Update we gave some details on the basic overview of Kingdoms as we updated our migration status from 3 vaults to 4 vaults.

This week, we're launching the 3 remaining Kingdoms which will move our migration status from 4/7 to 7/7 Kingdoms launched.

The impact of migrating to Kingdoms can already be seen. The CUB price has reached a sort of equilibrium in terms of price action and hasn't been falling as it was before. This is due to the re-routing of inflationary CUB rewards.

In our old model, rewards for yield farming were paid entirely in CUB. Our new model follows that of major DeFi platforms that have achieved sustainability both in the form of attracting TVL and in long-term token price.

Kingdoms deploy a low level of CUB rewards but maintain attractive APYs by becoming Composable Yield Farming Contracts. These contracts pool deposited funds on external farms (i.e. Pancakeswap, Bakeryswap, BeltFi, etc.) to earn yield in external farming currencies (CAKE, BAKE, BELT) and then auto-compound those rewards back into the base asset pair that the user deposited.

The economic impact of Kingdoms canot go understated. It's vital that we hammer in the long-term ramifications of this model both as we complete the migration - 7/7 vaults - and as we continue to discover other opportunities to add various vaults and collaborate with other BSC projects to attract TVL and management fees to the CUB ecosystem.

Marketing the Kingdoms Launch

Many have already seen some loose announcements of the marketing company that LeoFinance recently hired on. Our goal is and has always been to grow our community and the usage of LeoFinance apps (like,, etc.).

Attracting new community members is done both through a team and through a community effort. It is up to our team to bring people into the door and it is up to our community to make people want to stay here and feel a part of something incredible.

We're planning a much more in-depth post to discuss current and future marketing plans with our newest addition to the LeoFinance team. For now, we are focused on the launch of CUB Kingdoms and marketing the release to a broader audience.

Following their advice, we've put together an entire launch event for the Kingdoms release. This will include a myriad of activities, press releases, influencer ads and more. The aim is to attract attention, TVL and potential community members to the LeoFinance ecosystem through Cub Finance's latest release: Kingdoms.

This Week in CUB


Kingdoms radically change everything for the CUB Ecosystem. The impacts are as much social as they are tokenomic. We'll discuss these impacts this week in a post titled "The Economic Impact of Kingdoms".

This week, we'll be releasing 1 press release per day discussing CUB, Kingdoms and the future of our project. The marketing company will be distributing these PRs to various small, mid and large crypto news outlets. Some are paid ads and some will be picked up and distributed for free.

The planned release for these PRs is as follows:

  • Updated CUB Docs & Roadmap (July 8th)
  • Full Kingdoms Launch Target (July 9th)
  • The Economic Impact of Kingdoms (July 10th)
  • New CUB-Based IDO Mechanism Unveiled (July 11th)
  • New Polygon Platform Details (July 12th)
  • Kingdom BNB Rewards Unlocked (July 13th)
  • The Long-Term Future of CUB (July 14th)

Updated CUB Docs & Roadmap

We've spent the past several weeks re-writing the entire CUB Docs and roadmap. A lot has changed since the original launch of CUB and the current infrastructure behind CUB will be discussed alongside the long-term plans for the CUB ecosystem as we complete the several months of development that went into CUB Kingdoms and plan for the future of our project.

The updated docs & roadmap will be released tomorrow (July 8th) just in time to precede the full launch of CUB Kingdoms.

Full Kingdoms Launch Target

The full Kingdoms launch will mark the release of our final 3 vaults that are to be migrated from Farms/Dens to Kingdoms:

  • BTC Single Asset
  • ETH Single Asset
  • Stable Coin "Farm" (BUSD-USDT-USDC-DAI BLP)

There's much more to this launch than just adding 3 Kingdoms. In addition to these 3 Kingdoms being added, the 3 farms/dens that they replace will have their multipliers deprecated and the CUB Kingdom (Den) will have it's multiplier doubled. The remaining multipliers from the Kingdoms migration will be moved to the CUB Kingdom (Den) which will make it 2x as profitable to stake CUB into the Kingdom.

We're targeting Friday (July 9th) for our full launch. We believe that the impact of having all Kingdoms migrated, deprecating the old multipliers to get rid of the CUB flow that's going straight to the weak handed farmers that have been selling CUB for months and doubling the CUB rewards for Kingdoms stakers will have an exponentially positive impact on the price.

On launch day - when the migration is complete - we're confident that the exponentially positive impact of the full Kingdoms release will become crystal clear in the price of CUB.

The Economic Impact of Kingdoms

The day after Kingdoms are released, we'll launch a post discussing the in-depth tokenomics of CUB. Kingdoms effectively migrate us from an unsustainable model of yield farming used by dying platforms like Goose Finance to a sustainable model of yield farming via external platforms and adding "boosts" (similar to Autofarm, Beefy, Yearn, etc.).

This and more will be discussed in full detail on July 10th.

New CUB-Based IDO Mechanism Unveiled

The CUB Docs and Roadmap will be released on July 8th and will include details about some of the major developments we have in the works for CUB in the long-term.

CUB is about so much more than being a yield app. The yield application of CUB is just the base layer of what we have planned. By distributing CUB to a wide set of hodlers, we're setting up our core DeFi ecosystem to become so much more than just depositing assets into vaults and earning yield.

We've designed a mechanism for IDOs - Initial DEX Offerings - via similar tokenomics as launchpad platforms on Binance Smart Chain (and more recently - the XRUNE token that launched on Thorchain).

We're extremely excited about incorporating a token launchpad directly into the CUB Ecosystem. We'll discuss the designs and development scope on July 11th.

New Polygon Platform Details

Many are anxiously waiting for details on our new app launching on the Polygon blockchain. There's a lot going into this launch and the IDO launchpad plays a key role in it.

Only July 12th, we'll drop a PR talking about the new platform - how it will work, how it compliments CUB, LeoBridge impacts and how it will utilize the CUB IDO system to drive more value to itself and CUB simultaneously.

Kingdom BNB Rewards Unlocked

Kingdoms collect an additional 3% management fee (on only the external farming rewards - i.e. CAKE rewards from PCS Kingdoms) and distribute those management fees back to the CUB Kingdom stakers.

Releasing this mechanism requires us to deploy a new smart contract to route BNB rewards + add a new claim button for BNB dividends on the Cub UI. Our target launch date to unlock these rewards, release the new UI and explain the details is July 13th.

The Long-Term Future of CUB

To wrap up our Week of CUB, we're going to release a major post describing the long-term vision of CUB. This post will describe the impacts of what we're building now (i.e. Kingdoms, CUB IDO Launchpad, Polygon Platform, etc.) and the future contracts we have yet to deploy and incorporate into the CUB ecosystem.



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