LeoFinance Weekly Dev Update #4 | LeoFi Approaching 100 Leases in 1st Week, New LeoFinance UI, CUB IDO Testing and Rollout

LeoFinance Weekly Dev Update 4  LeoFi Approaching 100 Leases in 1st Week, New LeoFinance UI, CUB IDO Testing and Rollout.png

In This Week's Update:


  • New LeoFi App is approaching 100 ongoing leases!
  • LeoFinance.io UI moving from Beta to Production
  • New Standalone Beta LeoFinance.io UI
  • LeoFinance Mobile App for Hive


  • IDO Infrasturcture battle-testing
  • IDO #1 officially announced!
  • IDO #1 details, launch day and impacts


  • AMA Tomorrow At 11 AM EST



LeoFi App Approaching 100 Leases!


LeoFi has been performing far better than anticipated. While we did have a few extra months of private testing, we didn't expect to be essentially bug-free at public launch. There have been no major issues reported on frontend nor backend.

This is amazing! What's more is that we're seeing a decent amount of usage in open beta with over 67 ongoing leases (this fluctuates daily based on new leases, cancelled leases, etc.).

We'll likely see well over 100-150 leases by the time next week's dev update rolls out!

LeoFi brings one major new use case to the LEO token economy. As mentioned in the LeoFi introduction post last week, LeoFi Leasing offers a way for more passive LEO POWER holders to earn APY on their LEO POWER without having to automate their upvotes.

There's nothing inherently wrong with automating your upvote - that's a part of this entire Hive-based ecosystem - but there can be some philosophical issues depending on how you view the platform.

If your goal is to aid the platform and community in future growth: gaining more users, curating great content, rewarding consistent authors, etc. then you should be interested in LEO POWER entering the hands of people who are performing these valuable activities.

LeoFi offers an alternative to vote automation: delegating your power to other LeoFinance community members who may have more interest in manual curation for the good of the platform.

Using LeoFi should not only be about passive APY for your LEO POWER, it should also be about supporting the growth of the platform by choosing who you lease your power to.

The best of both worlds!

  • Automation/Passive Hodling
  • Delegation of Valuable, Manual Platform-Based Activities

+ 100% of all lease revenue (10% fee on each lease) is sent to @null and burned from the LEO token supply. That doesn't hurt.

New LeoFinance.io UI!

For the past several weeks, we've been working on a major update for the LeoFinance.io UI. This update is largely centered around a major overhaul to the performance of LeoFinance.io.

This performance update will change the way LeoFinance.io reads, stores and displays content. It not only fixes a number of pre-existing bugs, but also introduces a revamped version of LeoFinance's Lightning DB Layer for Hive Blockchain content storage.

The site improvements are... incredible! .. to say the least!

These improvements haven't come to us for free though. In building a new version of lightning and implementing many of these hard-to-build features, a number of new bugs have presented themselves. While we play whack-a-mole to fix these bugs and finally get this update to production, we've decided to revamp our rollout methods.

Tomorrow (Friday) we're introducing a new version of LeoFinance.io.

Currently, we have an early-stage testing environment of the site. We utilize this for closed-testing of very new features that are often buggy and hard to use.

Tommorow, we'll introduce a second-stage environment of LeoFinance.io. We're calling this "Beta"

As you may know, the current production version of LeoFinance.io is also called "Beta"..

We're changing the site stages to be the following:

  • LeoFinance Labs (early stage, private testing)
  • LeoFinance Beta (second stage, public testing)
  • LeoFinance Production (publicly available, leofinance.io main UI)

When a feature is developed, it will hit "Labs" first which will allow us to privately test the feature in-house.

When we're ready for more eyeballs on a feature, we'll migrate it to LeoFinance "Beta" which will be a separate UI instance than the one you're currently on (LeoFinance.io).

When we're happy with the feature and our open beta testers have given us sufficient feedback, we'll migrate the feature from Beta to "Production" (LeoFinance.io UI).

Don't worry, I'm sure we'll still have plenty of "we're doing it live!" moments

It's exciting times for LeoFinance's UI on the Hive blockchain. This performance update is going to radically improve the UX of LeoFinance and we're excited to get a wide range of testing done so we can move it into production more quickly.

LeoFinance Mobile App for the Hive Blockchain

Speaking of exciting times for UIs, we're getting our mobile app ready for Beta deployment. This new server structure that we're implementing is a long-term play to improve the setup of new feature testing and rollout for LeoFinance.

This will become increasingly important as our mobile app moves from development to private testing to public testing to production.



IDO Infrastructure Testing

We've been deploying and playing with various IDO contracts. All working toward battle-testing our IDO approach prior to IDO #1 which has now been revealed by the team as "CakePop".

Our infrastructure testing on both the frontend and backend will continue through this weekend as we prepare for their official launch on Monday, August 30th!

IDO #1 Revealed - A CAKEPOP Emerges!

IDO #1 has officially been revealed as CakePop - an IDO seeking $250k in the first-ever CubFinance IDO.

The IDO contract being utilized by them will raise 50% CUB and 50% BUSD via a CUB-BUSD LPv2 Deposit mechanism:

  1. User deposits CUB-BUSD LPv2 Tokens
  2. User receives a pre-priced amount of CAKEPOP from the IDO vault (unless the IDO is overcommitted - then user receives pre-priced amount and a refund on any un-utilized CUB-BUSD LP tokens)

The first IDO will be a bit of a learning process for everyone. Nobody really knows the true impact on CUB that burning $125k worth of CUB will do. This will double the amount of CUB that has ever been burned since the launch of CubFinance back in March, but it will also create an interesting dilemma for users who are in the CUB Kingdom, CUB-BUSD and CUB-BNB pools.

Do you migrate CUBs? Do you buy more CUBs to participate? Do you ignore the IDO opportunity altogether?

Regardless of what happens, we think it'll be interesting to see how it all plays out. A nice little shakeup of the system, if you will.

hey, there's your "doing it live" quota for the week!

AMA Tomorrow At 11 AM EST!

See you tomorrow at our weekly LeoFinance AMA at 11 AM EST!



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