Blog #72: My Hive Account Growth: Taking Little Steps Consistently Will Indeed Leads To Bigger Improvement

Hey Hivers!

As I look at my hive account growth it is somehow made me happy although the growth is not that huge. I remember way back in April this year, a friend @psychkrhoz kept encouraging me to start making blog in hive. Honestly, when I started blogging in Hive, I have no knowledge of html codes yet. I have also no experience of blogging. So it was not an easy journey for me. But since I was well-determined to learn and improve, I kept researching and learning until I slowly improve my blogging skill.

Account Growth.PNG

As I landed in hive, my friend sent me 35 HIVE in my wallet so I can gradually start blogging. I powered it up as he told me to do so. Since I don't have knowledge of html codes yet, I preferred micro-blogging during that time. Suddenly I realized the earnings I got from micro-blogging is very low and the earnings could not sustain allowance (I am jobless- need to find way in order to survive during this crisis) so I decided to upgrade my skill on blogging.

I kept exploring the platform. I kept reading other blogs so I could somehow get an idea on how to make a presentable and nice to read blog. Until one time, I stumbled to @brutalisti and @jason04's post on how to format the blog. It was really a great help for someone like me who don't have knowledge about html codes. A million thanks to both of you.

And when I stumbled @ryzeonline's account, it was a life-changing because it truly helps me to improve my blogging skill. His works was totally great and helpful. Actually I booked mark some of his works.

I would admit that there are still many things that I need to learn and I am willing to take little steps everyday to slowly improve and become better. Thank you so much to those amazing and supportive people in Hive.

As I have tried to improve my blogging skill everyday, I've noticed my earnings has also improved. Some of my post had already earned around $20 or more. For me, it was already an achievement. My hive account has slowly grown. It was started at 35HP until it reached to 710HP as of this writing. It really made me proud of myself (lol).

Aside from that, I was able to use some of my hive earnings for my allowance and some of it I bought altcoins like DEC and etc. Like someone else, I also wanted to grow my crypto portfolio.

This time I am now slowly reaping the fruits of labor. Thank you so much to my friend @psychkrhoz, I would not be here today if not because of him. I would not be able to reach this far without his guidance and undying support. A million thanks to you.

To all curators who have kept upvoting my post, a million thanks to all of you.

To those who have kept commenting my post, thank you so much.

Thank you for reading and see you on my next blog. Cheers!

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