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We are all working hard to grow our portfolio and have something to hang unto when we need to take care of any financial responsibility, but we should not forget the fact that there are people out there who are not working legitimately like us but are bent on taking away other people's hard work through dubious means.

Remember for any transaction you carry out on the DEX, you have to interact with smart contracts and to be able to carry out the transaction, you have to give some certain permission to the contract, which can be limited or unlimited as the situation may be. This permission can allow the smart contract to spend your token with or without your approval

To be able to save yourself from waking up to an empty wallet, ensure to do the following;

1 Always cancel any session you connected to after making transactions. You can also use this beefy finance tool to check if any of the smart contracts you have interacted with has unlimited access to your wallet. Just connect with your wallet browser (dapp) to it and you will see the list of smart contracts that you have interacted with.


2 Ensure to use a separate wallet for airdrop. This is because some of the airdrop are from scammers and interacting with their smart contract can put your wallet in danger. If you are using Trust wallet, endeavor to activate transaction signing from settings as shown below.


I shared this post because of the reports I received about stolen funds in a friend's account. Be guided. People are too lazy to work hard and earn legit money online. Don't fall victim to their scam.

There is this new technique that scammers have developed. They expose their private keys online posing as a newbie who is lost in his dealings with the wallet. The wallet will contain several tokens from different networks but will lack the basic gas fee token. People are often tempted to send the gas fee to move the fund but the wallet has been programmed with a bot that moves any fund that enters the wallet. The speed is so fast that you can't be opportune to access the funds you had the intention of moving. Be guided and don't fall victim to these Lions in sheep clothing.

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