Aave To Launch Decentralized Twitter On Ethereum


Web2 social media platforms have proven several times users don't own their account, neither do they own their data. On any day your account can be shut down and there's basically nothing the victim of censorship can do about it.

Aave is looking at launching a decentralized Twitter later this year on Ethereum.

Decentralized finance giant Aave will launch an alternative to Twitter using Ethereum this year, the protocol’s founder told Decrypt.

To stand a chance of competing against Twitter, opting for Ethereum as the host of a decentralized Twitter is concerning due to scaling and transactions issues on that chain.

No doubt the more decentralized social platforms out there the better. Leofinance's Project Blank is also in the works and hopefully it should gain some popularity.

Web3 is gradually expanding its reach onto more avenues, having competitive decentralized social platforms with incentive models like Hive will continue to show up in the future, it will be interesting to see which will be dominant.

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We owe it to ourselves to make Hive great

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