How much do you pay for your cars?

We were looking for new ways to make more money, and increase our capacity to earn. So my friend and I decided to visit some car dealers in our locality and talk to them about a partnership.

The idea was to ask them to grant us permission to take shots of their cars and give us the important details or descriptions of the cars. Then we will advertise their cars on different social media platforms and get buyers. Those buyers will meet them, make purchases, and we get a percentage based on trust. It was a wonderful idea and I thought it will be easy, I was wrong.

Let's help you sell your cars

The D-Day being Tuesday came, and we left to meet with the dealers. My friend knew a lot of places where the different dealers were positioned. Once we got to the area, he suggested that we start from the smallest to the largest. I accepted.

We walk into the first office, stated our mission. The owner listened to us, once we were done, he gave us his story. He said, what we were doing was a good thing, but, he had encountered fraud in the past with other marketers like us.

Most people are afraid to work with marketers because of their experience with fraudsters

He gave us a story of a young man who came with the same story, later with a client, to check out his cars. The car the client wanted was worth $15,000. The story has it that the young man got $2000 from the client without informing the car dealer.

The client came a few weeks later to pay up the balance and take his car with him. The client said, he agreed to pay $9000 with the young man and had done a deposit of $2000. The dealer said he knew nothing of the transaction. And the young man wasn't taking the client's call.

They had to involve the police. While they were talking about it with the Divisional Police Officer(DPO), the car dealer explained the car wasn't up for $9000 in the first place, but for $15,000(which he had sold out to a different person before the issue came up). Also, he wasn't aware of the $2000 deposit made by the client.

So the dealer got the young man's contact details and placed a call to him. The young man picked up and the dealer related the story to him. The young man confirmed he had been given the $2000 deposit. The dealer told him his client is right there and that he wasn't picking his calls, he should call him, and sort themselves out. The young man called the client and they talked. No one knew what they discussed, but the matter was closed.

We breathe in after hearing the story, the man outrightly said he didn't like doing business with Nigerians because of that experience, he preferred to do business with foreigners. With this information, we told him, we were not planning to bridge the connection between him and any client. We are only going to work with a code and on trust. This means once someone shows interest in making a purchase, we send him to the dealer with a code, once the transaction is done, the dealer lets us know and we get our cut.

The man agreed and gave us a photo session appointment for Friday. We will meet him on Friday and take all the details of the cars and work on them on social media. We thanked him and went to the next dealer.

The second dealer had the same fraud story and we assured him about the transparency of what we will be doing. He gave us an appointment for Friday as well.

The third dealer was rather jovial and accomodating, he wasn't giving us a cold shoulder or trying to scare us away. He listened to what we had to say and gave us a go-ahead. With him, we would have taken the shots there and then, but we decide to do it on Friday instead.

We moved to the fourth dealer, we didn't see the owner, we met with his assistant instead. We told him our mission and he told us to come back and meet with the director another day. We asked if we can do it on Friday, he said yes, we should be there after Salah. We thanked him and left.

When we step foot into the fifth dealer's car park, we met someone trying to scare us away too. We stood our ground and explained our intentions. He moved us to another set of people who were having the time of their lives with jokes, and oranges(they were planning on buying oranges from a woman when we came).

They were laughing at us and asked us to go take photos if that's what we want. One of them made remarks explaining that other people usually come around for the same purpose and nothing comes out of it. We told him, we will be back on Friday after Salah. We emphasize the Salah, and they will be pleased that we knew their routine and happily said yes to us.

Before all of this, my friend had in mind to visit one car dealer firm. He had no idea whether they buy cars at distress sales or the right amount. So when we were done, we moved to the location outlined in their flex. We found a wonderful and heartwarming office, and we were offered a seat.

Once we sat down, we talked to the manager about our thoughts. He explained that they do not buy cars at distressed sales, instead, the owners of the cars bring the cars to them, they inspect the cars, and within three hours sell them out to interested buyers. He said they had a site where bidding is done, and people buy at the highest bidding. He went on to inform us that if no one bids up to the agreed price by the car owner, the car is usually sent to the market for other people to see and probably buy. Not only do they buy and sell cars, but they also swap cars as well.

He told us everything and then asked us where our car was. We laughed and told him we wanted to ask about their car buying and selling routine, so we can know if we want to work with him to sell the cars we have in our possession.

The disadvantage of working with them is that the cars they send for bidding must be mobile, in the sense that the cars have to be moved to their office for inspection and test driving.

This is an advantage for them, anyway, so they don't get served with a car in a bad condition. This means if we had car owners from long distances or states, they may not be able to come to them. Wait, he did say, they can go to the car owners in special scenarios. Well, his special scenario had something to do with health or disability issues, instead of distance and location.

We talked about politics and other topics that interested us. We liked the fact that he was accomodating too. We got his number and he got ours, we are hoping to get back to him.

It was both educating, and fun, to do this car tour. I was happy because this gave me a story to share with you guys. You already know that I liked physical interactions like this, and this one was worth every minute.

I planned to read up things around cars before the meeting on Friday so that I will know what kind of questions to ask the dealers. My friend plans on doing the same.

I will move my research further to buying habits of people who love cars. I had a chapter on "You are not what you drive" in the book, "The millionaire mindsets" and I wanted to go over it yesterday. I couldn't. I fell ill and I have been trying to recover.

I know that the whole thing will be full of more lessons, and profitable. I will be pleased to share all of my experiences with my fellow hivers.

We already have a Facebook page where the advertisement will be done. And I am sure I will want to write the sales copy for this, so I will find as much data as I can on this. Wish me both wisdom and luck.

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