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Rob's Leo All Stars #12 - @denmarkguy by @rob23


Today I ran into a great article by @denmarkguy that bounced off a few different topics. Here is the link for the article.
What Was It About?
This article talked about Splinterlands as well as the effect that a popular dApp has on the Hive ecosystem as a whole. @denmarkguy cites the fact that a lot of people are signing up for a Splinterlands account and either not realizing or not understanding that this also means that they are getting a Hive account that has some resource credits. There was also discussion on the fact that Splinterlands has pushed an almost 50x spike in the number of Hive accounts being created per day from around 250-500 a day to just recently around 10,000 accounts.

Truth is if we start with the bones to pick with Ethereum we will not finish anytime soon, Hive is more of a finished product than Ethereum is, in terms of token distribution and decentralization Hive is superior and in many other ways. If I had the power, we will have more collaborations between distinctive blockchains than segregation’s. Ethereum has its uniqueness no doubt, but imagine the effect of making both chains work together somehow. That will just be lit for me.


KuCoin Learn and Earn (aka Rewards): First Experiences and Thoughts. by @bengy


A number of exchanges have already had a "Learn and Earn" type of marketing campaign going already to entice newcomers to crypto to their platforms, or even just to snipe off a few existing customers of competing platforms. The best known of these are those that are run by Binance and Coinbase, and now Kucoin has stepped up to the plate with its own version of the learning/marketing gimmick.

Good for Kucoin, I’m more used to the learn and earn program on Coinmarketcap even though these days, I’m not sure where the rewards go, I still participate just to see what interesting project that’s there to discover. I recommend that Coinbase users do the learn and earn exercise to at least earn some tokens from the fees they pay every time they buy crypto through the platform.


Noise.Cash is the new Twitter by @darmst5339


Microblogging and social networking is very popular among the social media enthusiast. Sending out pictures with a few sentences or just a few words. It is easy to follow others to keep up with what they are doing.
Noise.Cash is the new Twitter
If you have a Twitter account, you know how easy it is to use but what do you get for all the time you spend on Twitter. Noise.Cash is just like Twitter except you have the opportunity of getting paid Bitcoin Cash (BCH) each time someone likes your post. Noise.Cash is still growing. They have around 250k users and growing strong each and every day.

Cool stuff, I’ve tried to get myself on the platform once but I had some issues I can’t remember, I’ll take this as a sign to try again. I mean, there’s no harm in combining all the platforms and be earning from multiple streams, metaverse they’ve called it lol.


How to save money on Hive Engine exchanges by @nervi


Hive is increasingly being noticed by people in the cryptocurrency world. The @splinterlands card game has certainly contributed a lot to the rise in popularity of this ecosystem. Because of this, the Hive Engine has grown a lot in terms of popularity and the number of transactions made by users.
So is there any way to be able to save some tokens while getting the same or sometimes more cryptocurrency we want? It turns out that yes. The way I will present to you today is not any magic trick but simply a different way of exchange than the classic buying or selling of assets.

Oh wow this is a totally useful post, I’ve been completely oblivious to this, I mean if there’s a cheaper and yet equally safe way to move funds around Hive engine then why not. Thanks for this.


Top 5 Crypto-Friendly Banks | Must have by @gvmapac


Due to the profitable cost activities of cryptocurrencies in this later bull market, there has been a huge influx of cash from both retail financial specialists and organization speculators. Numerous are entering the crypto markets for the primary time and are hence ignorant of how you purchase cryptocurrencies and what trade to utilize. This has also forced governments to review these exchanges to stop any potential illicit activities and to “protect” investors. Also, banks have started to take action since they have experienced major outflows of capital from people wanting to invest in cryptocurrencies.

Interesting stuff! I like how you wrote “protect investors” in quote lol. Indeed. I’ve never even heard about most of these banks, like it was stated most are not available in my location. I wrote a post not too long ago about how we need a fiat to crypto on ramp solution that is decentralized before crypto can attain mass adoption. These all just shows how early we still are into this space. The next years will be very interesting in development.

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