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@HODLCommunity presents to you the 37th LeoFinance Curation Post

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EIP-1559: The Future of Ethereum Economy by @xuanling11


After London Hardfork, Ethereum has burned roughly 70,000 Ethers. The hardfork pushes users to Ethereum 2.0 of Proof of Stake departs from Proof of Work. How the Ethereum economy will change after the transition into Ethereum 2.0? We want to explore several hypotheses. Before we do, we want to know what is different between Bitcoin and Ethereum

Such an interesting coverage on the state of Ethereum, the question at the back of everyone’s mind is what the unforeseen repercussions of this much awaited upgrade to 2.0 will bring along with. Concepts on paper is always different from real life simulation. I’m glad we are getting closer to finding out.


My weekly LEO report - W6 by @sodomlv


This is my weekly LEO report, a weekly habit now :)
I want to do it because it will help to remind me on the target 2000 LEO by end of 2021
And also to understand what I'm doing good or not good then make the adjustment if needed. Buy LEO with earned CUB

This is one thing that the broader crypto world don’t recognize, there are a lot of options in this space, all different but feed into each other. The author of the post is exploring the options provided in the Leofinance ecosystem.


Do you know that KYC and its relationship with the blockchain? Let's learn together! by Karupanocitizen by @karupanocitizen


The two fundamental pillars of the project created by "Satoshi Nakamoto", back in 2008, was to create a platform that would allow: first, direct financial exchanges between two people and second, confidentiality between the parties. These were the two elements that captured the attention of individuals to adopt the use of bitcoin.

Nice effort putting this post together. KYC is a two way street for me, while I understand that it may be used to curb crime activities using the blockchain, in the hands of centralized entities, how will it be used? That’s my question. Interesting thoughts here


70,000 ETH Burned as NFTs pick up pace by @melbourneswest


It's been less than three weeks since EIP-1559 London Fork Ethereum was launched and today the official amount of Ethereum staked in the contract has breached 7 Million Ethereum. This consists of 42 Unique stakers and 221 thousand validators. How much Ethereum has been burned? For the less than three week period of staking an astronomical amount of 70,000 Ethereum has been removed from circulation and in today's price that's around $US221 Million dollars

Ethereum 2.0 seems already exciting! Hopefully the timeline is met, but understandably, there’s no rush, or maybe there is.


CBDC - A new face of Digital Fiat Currency by @reeta0119


We often hear the news and updates about CBDC which is the short form of Central Bank Digital Currency. Its a digital form of fiat money that will be backed by the country. Now since the world is moving towards digitization so digital money is one of the important components that should also be upgraded. Crypto is digital money but the majority of countries are not ready to accept it as currency and they want it to consider as an asset that is tradable. Its going to be the same that we apply with gold however we have gold in physical form too.

I wouldn’t trust those numbers entirely, Nigeria for one is part of the rumored countries to be looking into CBDC’s which is not entirely true, the CBN is facing extreme tough times to take on any CBDC’s, it will happen eventually but not anytime soon unlike the others quoted here.


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