I bet you like this new coin

Dear Investors,

In the past I have bought some coins just for the design and most of the times I was right and the coin quickly got worth more. It is then the time to sell it as the coin is forgotten later on again. (Flipping this is called I believe)

Now check out this 3 Troy Ounce coin (99 gramms)


Yes the love is great but reading further this coin minted by the New Zealand mint has more surprises or better "sur prices" ;)

Base model is 499 USD , guilded 749 USD and specific COA numbers start at 749 USD to 10 K USD . I say forget it. The coin is obsidian black with as said and shown also a guilded version. Well in these times of increasing gas price such an expensive coin is not for me. Despite the design that is, that I do like. The silver value is only 75 USD so the premium is very high.

Did singer Bjork of Island not have a similar designed female robot?

For sale at Artisan and FIrst Coin Company

enjoy the picture

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