Scam Letters Demanding Money Target New Business Owners

We live in a world where some bad actors and scammers try to target people and enrich themselves. Sometimes these actions are clearly fraudulent, sometimes they come up with clever ways to avoid criminal consequences. Recently, I have experiences such scammers myself when I applied for a new business license. I did the proper research and used credible services to start a new business. That's why I was surprised to receive letter from various places demanding to pay them some fees.

A little bit more of research showed that these are ongoing scam letters that target new business owners. Since they have been doing this for a while, my understanding is they have covered all the legal aspects of their actions and still operate freely. It is still frustrating to see such actors and such behavior allowed to exist when in my opinion this constitutes fraud. I will share couple of letters that I have received, and you can see how intimidating this may seem to a new business owner that wants to make sure to have a good start.


Just by looking at the language of the letter and the naming of the entity the letter is from may suggest for a new business owner that this is a legitimate letter from the government and those instructions must be followed. Of course not all would fall for this scam. But even if they get payments from some of the letters they have sent to, it would be some decent money stolen for nothing.

Simply google the entity that is sending this letter, and you will see clear evidence that this is a scam. However, government somehow can't do anything about it and they continue scamming.

Another similar scam letter I have received was less clever, but also use similar intimidating language as if it was from a legitimate government branch demanding some payment.


Scammers! Right? What to do? I would suggest to be skeptical and questions anything and everything that asks for money. This may be frustrating and annoying, but this is the world we live in where bad actors and scammers constantly try to steal people's money.

These entities have set themselves up as some legitimate businesses that are trying to sell some services. This is what their defense would be if their actions are challenged. But it is clear their tactics are not of an honorable business behavior, but rather scamming new businesses who may not have all the knowledge necessary in an already confusing bureaucratic systems.

I can only hope karma will get these scammers and new business owners do proper research to avoid them. Have you been scammed? What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

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