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Back in Feb when Leo voter attacked my account, they had 2.5 million HP delegated to them. Immediately after the attacks, over 100k of delegations were pulled as a direct response to their downvoting

Now they are down to 1.5 million. I don't know how many other accounts they have pissed off but actions do have consequences. Several large and med sized accounts pulled all support for Leo from that point on. How is the price of Leo tokens?

We go way back on Steemit so I still vote and comment on your posts to some extent. But nowhere near as much as I would if you tagged your posts POB because nearly all my voting power and curation is in POB these days.

I have powered down 1/4 million HP because of downvoting. Ultimately downvoting will destroy the Hive platform - I fully agree with @lucylin on that. It is an exact repeat of Steemit.

Ignoring the payments - the trending posts on Leo could bore the legs off a chair! And they are clueless. I am a crypto trader and the only reason I would read most of them is to see how not to trade! They have no fundamental understanding of how all markets are manipulated.

Which fiasco do you mean? POB mostly has better content than anywhere else on Hive. It has the second best front end after Peakd. The whales have a genuine interest in curation rather than down voting and reward pool control. I'm a whale on POB myself and as far as I know am on good terms with the other whales. Hell would freeze over before that could happen on Hive!

I know it's risky, but I'm taking a punt on POB partly because I've been run off Leo and am now being run off Hive - and I could see that one coming! The fact that is happening speaks volumes about this platform - I'm a content creator and investor, who could easily have become a whale if so inclined - but am being pushed off the platform.

So it is clearly a bad long term investment. Leo even more so... You yourself are not investing much in Hive because you know how it works.

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