HivePUD Feb-2022, plus monthly account stats

My submission for #HivePUD for 1-Feb-2022, and my latest monthly stats showing my account progress, with graphs from #PeakD.

HivePUD Feb-2022, plus monthly account stats

Powering up at least $ʰⁱᵛᵉ10.00 as HP.

Today is the 1st February 2022, and this is my first ever HIVE Power Up Day ( #HivePUD ) submission. The concept is simple. On the first day of every month, we power up at least $ʰⁱᵛᵉ10.00 liquid Hive into Hive Power (HP). This will increase our own voting power on the HIVE blockchain, meaning that our upvotes are worth more in the future. This is my first HivePUD submission, because I am only quite new to the HIVE social blockchain, having only been here for less than one month. However, I was on the legacy social blockchain some three years ago, so I totally get the concept of powering up my $ʰⁱᵛᵉ into HP to increase my stake, making my upvotes worth more.

screenshot of staking my $ʰⁱᵛᵉ10.00
I have been able to stake $ʰⁱᵛᵉ15.321 of liquid Hive from last month, as you can see from the screenshot here. The transaction on the blockchain is 1328bc1d. I may not be able to achieve such a level in future months, as I am a sickness beneficiary, living on a fixed income with not a lot of room to spare for investing in crypto. Much of my liquid $ʰⁱᵛᵉ last month has come from transferring over my assets from the legacy social blockchain. I must thank @thekittygirl, @stayten, and @pravesh0 for their help in The Terminal Discord server recently, guiding me on how to achieve my first real crypto trade, and converting some of my crypto from the legacy social blockchain over to the HIVE blockchain as liquid $ʰⁱᵛᵉ. Below you will find a list of other sources of my liquid $ʰⁱᵛᵉ from the preceeding month, which I have staked for #HivePUD today.

Acknowledging where this $ʰⁱᵛᵉ came from.

  1. @pravesh0 – I received a very generous gift of $ʰⁱᵛᵉ2.00 from Pravesh last month, to get me over the $ʰⁱᵛᵉ10.00 liquid Hive limit, when it looked like I wouldn't be able to reach the #HivePUD goal today. Thanks so much for this, Pravesh, you're a champion!
  2. Creation & Curation rewards – I have had some great responses to my blog posts and comments here on HIVE last month. Particularly my #introduceyourself post, which gained a lot of very nice upvotes from people here. Thank you so much to everyone who upvoted my posts and comments last month, it has made a huge difference to my liquid $ʰⁱᵛᵉ wallet, which has now been powered up.
  3. Reblogs – I would also like to acknowledge those who have reblogged my posts last month. This is very helpful, as it widens my audience to include theirs, which very often can subsequently contribute to my creation rewards. Last month my rebloggers were: @hernleon74, @cheelbire, @forykw, @repayme4568, @alvonzo, @wesphilbin, @maulidar, @cribbio, @marcocasario. Thank you to all of you! I hope to repay the favour in the future.
  4. Delegations – All of that posting and commenting which I did last month would not have been possible so early in my existence here on the HIVE social blockchain, were it not for a couple of very generous delegations I received early on. I'd like to mention especially @thekittygirl and The Terminal's @rc-assist account. Without them, along with the initial delegation I received from @ecency when I created my account, I would not have been able to do much creation or curation at all here.

My monthly account stats.

Review of previous month's position.

As I have only just started here on the HIVE social blockchain this month, I really don't have anything to compare my growth against from the previous month. Starting next month I will be giving a brief overview of where I was previously, as a quick reminder, before I post the account statistics which you will see below. This time, however, there is nothing really to compare against.

However, I did post the image below in The Terminal Discord server earlier in the month, and it gives an interesting comparison of my progress on the legacy social blockchain, compared to this time around.

My monthly account stats from PeakD.

Account Growth graph from PeakD.
Account Growth – At the far right of this graph, you can definitely see the extra staking that I did today. Don't ask me why there are two 1-Feb dates showing in this graph though. That's just the way PeakD reported it.

Author Rewards graph from PeakD.
Author Rewards – The main distinguishing feature here is my #introduceyourself post, which had a lot of very nice upvotes on it. Thanks again to everyone who voted on my posts last month.

Curation Rewards graph from PeakD.
Curation Rewards – I am pretty sure that the distinctive feature in this graph comes from a very generous upvote on a comment that I made on one of @clove71's posts recently. Thanks for that Chris, you've always been so kind and generous to me! Most of my best Splinterlands card collection came from Chris Love, either as gifts or as competition prizes.

Incoming Votes graph from PeakD.
Incoming Votes – This graph isn't as useful as it could be, being that the @peakd Dashboard only shows the number of votes here, and doesn't account for the vote weight of each. As you can see, I have been upvoted a lot last month by an account called @gangstalking, but their vote weight is tiny because they have negative reputation and have been blacklisted by HiveWatchers. However, ignoring that, my next largest number of upvotes came from @makerhacks, who shares my interest in Raspberry Pi single board computers. Nice to meet you, @makerhacks, and thanks for all the upvotes last month. Thanks also to everyone who upvoted me last month. I recognise a lot of the names in this graph, mostly from The Terminal Discord server.

Outgoing Votes graph from PeakD.
Outgoing Votes – Here we see who I have been interacting with on-chain the most. The Silver Bloggers community members feature heavily in this graph, along with many from The Terminal. I also like to upvote my fellow countrymen (and women) from New Zealand whom I meet here. One such is @forykw, who I used to know back when I was last on the social blockchain, as well.

Posts/Replies graph from PeakD.
Posts/Replies – I have really had some amazing replies to my posts last month, particularly my #introduceyourself post. I'd like to take this opportunity to mention @britandjosie of @heyhaveyamet, who featured my #introduceyourself post in one of their HHYM posts, which may well have contributed significantly to these replies that I subsequently received. Thanks for that, @britandjosie.

Comments graph from PeakD.
Comments – I'm not too sure what this graph from the PeakD Dashboard shows. I think it is my own outgoing comment stats for last month. If so, I need to pick up my game! From what I am seeing, it looks like I started off strong, but have waned a bit since then. I will try to do better this month.

Position statement.

I am still in the process of powering down the remaining 44.167SP from my old STEEM account, and converting the funds from there to the HIVE blockchain, which I believe will take another two more weeks to complete. I am also powering-down the 86.795HP from the matching @trisquelwhare account on the HIVE blockchain, and moving those funds to my @frittro account, which will take 13 weeks in total to complete. I have made a start on my main blog post series about setting up my #homelab using a #raspberrypi and #yunohost, but I need to really pull-finger on this, as I am already way behind on my planned schedule for the #installfest. I will try to get myself back on track with my installfest during February. I would also like to acknowledge the owner of the @hipnose003 account, which is running my #splinterlands card collection in their bot, earning me a passive income of Dark Energy Crystals (DEC).

Image Credits

  1. post-head.png – Remix created by @frittro, using elements by @pantone801; an image by Colin Behrens from Pixabay; and various "fair use" logos, including HiveSBI, HiveBuzz and some Hive Tribe and Community logos.
  2. Various "fair use" organisation and company logos, including Hive, Steem, RaspberryPi, YunoHost, etc.
  3. compare_me_then_now.png – Remix created by @frittro, using elements from HiveBlocks and SteemD.
  4. screenshots – From the @peakd Dashboard interface.
  5. maori-divider.png – Original image by @pantone801. Remix created by @frittro.
  6. frittro-maori-footer.png – Remix created by @frittro, using elements by @pantone801; and the Silver Bloggers logo by @mondoshawan.
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