Introduction to Cub Finance (CUB)

Introduction to Cub Finance (CUB)

An introduction to Cub Finance (CUB), the new DEX on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) offering trustworthy and sustainable DeFi returns.

Cub Finance, sometimes also referred to as Cub DeFi, is a Binance Smart Chain based decentralised exchange.

Created and backed by the LeoFinance team, the nearly 3 year old crypto community that you’re reading this Cub Finance (CUB) guide on, the team boasts a proven track record of safety, trust and value-adding dApps built in the blockchain space.

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While Cub Finance offers returns of over 100% on assets staked within Farms, Dens and Kingdoms, the most appealing aspect is that they’re a DeFi platform you can trust.

A move to BSC also allowed the team to simultaneously launch a BEP-20 version of the Hive native LEO token.

There’s no doubt that blockchain interoperability will be a key industry component going forward and thanks to Cub Finance, the LeoFinance community is now able to seamlessly move between Hive and BSC.

Introduction to Cub Finance

To begin with, we have to introduce the native farming token of Cub Finance - the CUB BSC coin.

Keep in mind that the CUB BSC coin isn’t the same as a traditional, fixed supply cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin.

CUB is an inflationary coin that is continuously being printed in order to pay for farming rewards on the DeFi platform.

But while inflation sees CUB continuously being printed, there are numerous mechanisms in place to ‘burn’ or remove supply.

Trading fees, bridge fees and IDOs are some of the CUB token burn contributors that you’ll read about within this guide.

Ultimately the goal is to find a profitable equilibrium for holders.

Has that equilibrium point been found yet?


But with a number of exciting new IDOs on the horizon with the potential to burn CUB’s entire circulating supply, it’s hard not to see the potential.

BSC DeFi you can trust

But the most important aspect of this introduction is that Cub Finance is BSC DeFi that you can trust.

The Binance Smart Chain DeFi community is notorious for being a cesspool of devious, anonymous devs and whales.

Conspiring to take advantage or outright scam the small time BSC DeFi investors who are put off by the huge fees on Ethereum.

As we briefly touched on above, LeoFinance is a near 3 year old crypto project, based on an extremely transparent blockchain in Hive.

Khaleel Kazi and the LeoFinance team boasts a proven track record of safety, trust and value-adding dApps built in the blockchain space.

They’re highly transparent and accessible to LeoFinance community members on-chain, or external investors on Discord.

It doesn’t matter who you are, they’re there.

This is what it takes to build a Defi platform you can trust.

So when it comes to choosing the right DeFi platform for you can rely on simply must be your number one priority.

Cub Finance is BSC DeFi that you can trust.

This guide to Cub Finance (CUB) is designed to introduce the project, explain how it works and offer guidance on whether you should invest.

Best of probabilities to you.

Direct from the desk of Dane Williams.

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