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#Satoshi Hero Bitcoin faucet and games site

After six months of collecting $BTC, Satoshi by Satoshi ...

0.00277920 $BTC came from my own faucet claims and, mostly, from referrals.

0.00277920 $BTC in six months doesn't sound like much. Yet, it's way better than nothing. It's worth over 110 €, 18 € per month.

Yes, there are many ways to gain more, participating on Hive platform included :)

Yet, again, it's better than nothing :)

Will you join me? If yes, I ask you to use my referral link. Thank you very much!

Claiming from the faucet

You can spin the wheel once every thirty minutes. The minimum reward is 3 Satoshi.

For 100 Satoshi you can spin any time with the minimum reward being 10 Satoshi.

Good luck!

Better and better

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