Can web3 give us more freedoms?


I want to start this post expressing my thoughts towards freedom, because I do not believe in absolute freedom, I believe in partial freedom and that knowledge is what makes us free ourselves from some things that we are aware of.

We as human beings have been constantly in that struggle for freedom, morals and ethics, because there are many variables that we have in society that are linked to freedom, because for example there are imaginations or egos that can take away freedom, like religion.

I don't want to expand talking about my philosophy about freedom, I want to talk about Web3 and our freedom.

Let's talk about web2, since it is the web that allowed us to communicate better and that what we want to express can reach millions of people faster, something that does not give more freedom in one sense and in another it took away our freedom, why? Since freedom is in the hands of few people, due to lack of conscience.

We can talk for hours about the use of data in web2, but what is relevant is to mention that most people who use web2 are not aware of the knowledge that is required to see what is the nature of our freedom and the use of private data, of course we can not rely on logic, nor reason, because we should include our beliefs, but it is clear that today web2, needs changes to free us from many things in a conscious way, that is where web3 comes in.

My speculation about web3 is that it will allow us to free ourselves from many things and will take away freedom in other things, at the same time it will be more difficult to regulate the systems that can be created to generate more freedom, because we need to raise the consciousness of the people who make use of the internet.

We cannot say that web3 has a necessary cause and that it is the perfect thing to achieve a little more freedom, but what we can speculate is that the freedom of data will be greater, creating a new information system on the web, which will be difficult to adopt, because the way applications are developed will change.

The web3 and the blockchain, already give us more freedom especially in the financial area, but how far can we be free from the existing beliefs of the economy? Because we have to fight against a resistance that feels safe with its freedoms offered by a traditional system.

Those responsible for the web3 ecosystems to provide more freedoms and that the decisions are in the hands of few people are the people who have the awareness of what happens and how it works today systems that point out your little freedom that you have left in traditional media.

If you are on Hive, beyond what you can achieve monetarily, you are betting on having a new generation of the internet.


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