Updates: SEED is running out of supply soon® & news about my 'Founder' allocation

Hello everyone, has been a pretty intense week and I would like to update all SEED holders on a few things happening at the moment. I would like to talk about the following (not in any particular order):

  • About my 'Founder' Allocation & management fees.
  • SEED supply is running out
  • 'Bad' news and Great news

Let's Go.


1 - 'Founder' Allocation and Upcoming Fees.

As I stated multiple times in previous posts, I was reserving the 'right' to purchase 25.000 tokens (25% of the supply) at the initial price of 1$.

This has an associated problem: If in the future let's say that SEED is worth 2$, I would have the ability to dilute everyone's % with an instant +100% for me. I would merit a well-deserved wave of FUD solely for that reason. And you wonder, ''why empo is even mentioning this?''

Because I bought up my own ''Founder Allocation''of 25K SEED.

And that means that yesterday deposited an additional 25K$ into the fund. What did I buy with the lion's share of it? ORN.

2500 ORN at an average price of 8,676$ for the following reasons.

A decent chunk of it. Also, some more CUB and BNB+USDT are ready to be deployed in upcoming token sales (registration for the next one is in 7 days).

Holdings stand like this while writing those lines.


I did this move not only because I believe it will be good for the fund in the short to medium term, but also because @themarkymark is buying SEED like a mad man and I want to keep the #1 spot in the rich list (what less!). He kinda 'forced' me to make such a move so you can thank him for that.

However, I will continue to reserve the 25,000 tokens originally intended for my own allocation.

And I don't know yet what I will be doing with them (multiple options in the table). So for the time being I won't do anything. These 25K SEED remain untouched until I come up with something.

Regarding the Management Fees...

On the tokenomics post I brought up the following management fees:

  • The first +25% of profit/year will be free of management fees.
  • All profits exceeding that 25% will be charged with a 10% fee. Preferably charged when moving profits from the trading account to the treasury.

Well, I am announcing in advance that I am going to probably increase those rates in the future as I have hinted at in some comments and in the Telegram channel. (as I reserve the right to do so).

For now, my focus is to make all of this 100% profitable for everyone but wanted to let you all know my intentions. As always, who warns is not a traitor. If any of these things (including making changes on the fly) bother you, please refrain from participating in SEED.

Friendly reminder that 100% of your SEED is backed 1:1 by HBD. So if you need to get out I'm honoring the 1:1 refund promise.

All of this brings up the next point:

2 - SEED Supply is running out.

When I first thought about the token economics & concept, I was very inclined to a very low token supply with a high token price. But I expected that within months, (If not years!).

+40.000 SEED (including my allocation which is already counted as an investment) has been bought up in the last few days. That's more than 40% of the TOTAL supply.

I just issued the last bunch of tokens. What you can see in @seed-treasury is what's left. (As I stated before the remaining 25K won't be issued for now). The supply available is drying out.


Stats for SEED stand as follows:

Circulating Supply: 75,000 tokens ( 58,954 issued, 16,046 on @seed-treasury).
Total Supply; 100.000 tokens (25K unissued).

AUM Value (All assets): 65,900$

SEED TOTAL Value: 65900/58954 = 1,117$ /SEED (+11,17% since the beginning).

SEED Liquid Value (Only liquid assets): (65900-6800)/58,954 = 1,002$/SEED

For the sake of clarity and transparency of the whole operation, I'll be sharing soon a Public Portfolio (through coin tracking) to allow everyone to check the current positions in real-time. And the AUM $ of the fund over time.

Feels dope, love the app. (Have to sort a few things before, because the account is linked with my main one, and don't want to dox myself (more!).


3 - The Good & the Bad

As you can notice from the previous stats, since a lot of new tokens have been minted (x3 the previous circulating supply), all the profits have been diluted between the new tokens. This could be interpreted as something

On the other hand, most of these tokens (30K) are in my own hands and now the 'founder share' won't represent a potential FUD vector in the future. We're all starting from the same fair launch point (including me).


Not only that, now I'm managing +30K$ more on behalf of everyone which gives us an awesome starting point If we have to face a wild bull run in the next months. The 'Testing phase' will come to an end soon and we'll start (we already are) the 'Growing phase'. Again, check the tokenomics post for more information.

To Conclude:

Even If the value of SEED has been diluted (at the expense of releasing 75% of the total supply), I'm keeping my word and increasing the base value of SEED up to 1,2$ within 24-48h (will be flexible with the cut date in case someone is converting HIVE into HBD, for example, so not in a rush anyway).

Consider the period until now as a 'testing period' (always has been).


However, note that there is only 16000 SEED available, on a ''first come first served'' basis. Which are increasing in price very soon.

That's all for today. Thanks for reading and hope you're enjoying the journey so far.

Off-Topic Personal Ramblings...

It's been an intense month while everyone is on vacation (do you know that I rejected a proposition for 7-14 days in the Maldives?).

Yes, exactly in this place (not a random image from the internet. I WAS GOING THERE). Search for 'Kandima Maldives' for more info.


Don't ask me why, I wasn't in the mood to make such a trip.

My sister offered me to travel with his family (husband & relatives) 25 days ago which is exactly when I first posted about the idea of SEED. Wanted to explore further my idea rather than let it die (or not) in a tropical paradise.

My point is, I believe next months are going to be key. Fortunes are going to be made and destroyed equally.

I have been preparing for almost 4 years for the next few months (it's already been more than worth it). It's time to remain focused, we'll party later.

Remember to keep training your mind for the unexpected. We're all going to sell early.

Enough rants for today.

100% rewards of this post have been allocated to @seed-treasury.

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Ps. Do you like the Minatopunk?


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