Seed Token: SOLD OUT!


This morning I waked up a bit salty, so I decided to deposit another 5000$ and buy up the remaining supply available (at 1,2$/SEED, of course).

I wasn't comfy with people paying that 20% and decided that I wanted to end the 'testing phase' of the project ASAP.

This phase ends when:
-All tokens are sold.
-Token sales are almost non-existent (minimal tokens are being issued to new buyers).
This leads us to the most important phase: The growing phase.

Now the real fun begins, as we can officially start the 'Growing phase'.

Growing Phase: what to expect?

Since no more tokens are being issued, new interested buyers will have to deal with the thin orderbooks of Hive-Engine/Leodex. Sorry not sorry, you had 3 weeks to load as much as desired.

Current holders can still enjoy the 100% buyback promise. That means I'm still honoring a 1:1 exchange of your SEED for HBD, so you can get out in case you need that instant liquidity. Still not applying fees to that buyback procedure.

The main attraction of this phase is a growing SEED base price, which can only happen if the overall value of the AUM grows. Now it's my turn to deliver, but please note that I'm only human and my #1 Priority (always has been) is the security of all the value held.

Can I use the 'always has been meme'? Yes pls, it's Sunday cmon don't be that serious.
Thanks, @trumpman, we all love you.


Obviously, this won't happen (in fact I never made a single buck margin trading, might start testing with a very little position with my own funds soon).

In few words, as our venture keeps going in a positive way, expect the value of your SEED to increase consistently.

Few updates about our Portfolio and HBD-Loopholes.

Currently, AUM stands at around 90K$, seems that GAME woke up and is keeping the portfolio afloat:


Notice that I sold some CUB (keeping some for upcoming CUB IDO's) and all the BNB, compiled both positions into a higher ORN+USDT position (higher APR and better R/R).

Note also the 2000 USDC ready. Presales wen? Well, in 20 minutes while I'm writing this.


HBD-Loopholes? What?

I'm testing something these days (I know I'll regret telling you, but whatever), maybe you noticed the 10K HIVE (that's my last deposit). Well, the 'HBD loophole' is the answer.


Since the HBD price is floating around 1,21$ I'm taking profit from the conversion feature and trying to 'exploit' the unreasonably HBD price. As long as the HBD price remains higher than 1,05$ we're fine. If the price remains around 1,2$, it's basically a +15% profit on the HIVE converted.... every 3,5 days.

The process is somewhat complex behind the scenes and I'm still struggling sometimes trying to understand, but when I saw the results of the last conversions I saw the light:


  • The process gives half of your HIVE value in HBD (-5% fee which is burned) at the beginning of the conversion process.
  • Then returns the remaining collateral after 3,5 days (in HIVE). Since the HBD price is 1,2$, it's returning a +15% more than it should (20-5% = 15%).

What I'm doing with the 'insta' converted HIVE into HBD? Rebuying HIVE, of course. The risk is HBD returning to the peg (which wouldn't be strange, but whatever, this is worth the risk).


Anyway, let's see how it goes :)

I'm going out to the mountains for a couple of days, I'll be back on Wednesday/Thursday for the Weekly report. Enjoy!

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