SEED; a HBD-backed token powered by empoderat's business, is on sale.


Sorry for the bad joke but @trumpman tilted me to do it.

As announced in the SEED introductory post, you can start purchasing SEED in exchange for HIVE/HBD now.

Treasury account has already been created (@seed-treasury) and some users started sending funds. This account will be set as a beneficiary for my posting activity and blogging rewards will be added to the HBD fund.

A few reminders:

  • You can purchase SEED sending HBD or HIVE to @seed-treasury (link). Please double-check as I won't be refunding HBD/HIVE sent to the wrong account.

  • It would be highly appreciated If you send round numbers starting from 1 HBD/HIVE.

  • For HIVE transfers, I will be exchanging HIVE for HBD using blocktrades or the internal DEX.

  • Once you sent me the funds, I'll be sending you the corresponding SEED in a few hours max. Any doubt you can ask me through Discord (search me in LEO/LBI/HIVE channels) or Telegram (Dropping TG link at the end of the post).

  • I WON'T DM YOU FIRST. So don't trust anyone asking you to send funds to an alternative account. The official account for SEED is @seed-treasury.

  • The 100% refund promise is being honored. If you are not feeling OK or simply changed your mind for whatever reason after your purchase, Reach to me and I'll be refunding your SEED for HBD at a 1:1 rate. No hard feelings :)

Upcoming plans

Today will be a pretty busy day catching on to all the transfers and making sure that all SEED holders receive their corresponding tokens.

Once the dust settles quite a bit we will have a much clearer picture of the current interest for the overall community about the SEED token and it will be possible to estimate when all the tokens will be sold out and/or If will be required to burn a decent chunk of it.

One thing is for sure. I will always try to favor the initial holder's Vs. the late ones and I won't wait 1-3 months to start 'raising' the token value. Have been thinking about a 'model' to value SEED, but need to give it a couple of thoughts more.

I'll be writing a detailed plan Soon® about how I'll be managing the trading funds. I had an idea that you'll probably like quite a bit ;)


Let's Go!

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