Fractal Blockchain: Are You Ready For The Mainnet Launch?

One of the reactions of the cryptocurrency market is an upward move of price when major announcements are made.

The Fractal network is not left out on such trend as their Mainnet Launch news in two days time has seen the value adding some calories:)IMG_20211017_204608.jpg


Some of the things to know about the Mainnet Launch as seen from the email they sent includes:

With the Mainnet going live on 19 October 2021, we will kickstart the Fractal Wallet's Protocol Integration that enables you as a data minter to earn up to 500 FCL per month. On top of that we will announce and explain upcoming top-notch partnerships with projects such as Ocean.

Yes you got that right, but what are you going to do about it?

To get some FCL tokens on Kucoin, please indicate on the comments section for assistance.

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