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There are lots of conspiracy theories out there that were proved to be undeniably true. If you had believed these theories before they were proven true, the mainstream narrative would have painted you as a nutcase. However, after the truth was revealed, all these hypocrites would then turn a blind eye to their own bullshit and continue living in the LaLa Land of Fairytale Gumdrop Rainbows.


Turns out that admitting fault is not a strong suit for most people; which is ironic because the same people that will tell you to "trust science" don't actually learn from their mistakes, which is the foundation of the Scientific Method (proving something wrong and changing your hypothesis). This is a trait in the human psyche that is cultivated and exploited by the elite on a daily basis. Most people have a dire need to trust authority, like a child who trusts their parent, even if that parent is extremely abusive (perhaps even more so in that case).

List of Conspiracy facts I found on a Google Search:


Perhaps the ultimate scandal considering how people just add the word "gate" to things to imply a scandal. Russiagate, Gamergate, Celebgate, Pizzagate, Comicsgate, Climategate, Facebookgate, ETC ETC ETC. The term extends from the left to the right from Hollywood to journalism to politics to tech to conspiracy theory to sports... etc.

Operation Paperclip

Hey these Nazi scientists are actually pretty smart.
Should we bring them to justice?

Nah let's bring them to America, hide their identities, and conscript them to fight the Russians in the Cold War.

God damn that's a good idea!

I know, right?
We won, didn't we?
Yeah we did.

Operation Snow White

Remember that one time when Scientologists infiltrated 136 government agencies so they could scrub all negative data regarding the "church"? Yeah, I don't remember that either.

Blackbox Scandal

The Blackbox Scandal accused eight members of the Chicago White Sox of deliberately losing the 1919 World Series against the Cincinnati Reds, in exchange for money. After a public trial in 1921, the men were all permanently banned from professional baseball.

Can you say... MAFIA?!?
Classic dive.


The “Fruit Machine”

The idea of “gaydar” – the ability to tell whether or not someone is gay – might seem silly nowadays, but back in 1961, it was real. At the height of the Cold War, the Canadian government hired Frank Robert Way to create a scientific test that’d determine if someone was gay. The reason for this was to identify communist sympathizers and get them out of the government.

lol... idiots
The emperor has no clothes

CIA Project MKultra

Let's see if we can mind control people using LSD.


Gulf of Tonkin Incident

Classic Black Flag event that never even happened to get us deeper into the Vietnam conflict.

Bayer Medicine Spreads AIDS

In the mid-1980s, pharmaceutical company Bayer discovered that their blood-clotting medicine for hemophiliacs carried a high risk of transmitting AIDS. They fixed the problem in 1984, but didn’t pull the dangerous product from the market. Instead, they sold it to Asia and Latin America, while Europe and the United State got the newer version.

Capitalism! Can't let this medication go to waste!

Tuskegee Syphilis Study

Let's infect Black men with Syphilis and study the outcome.
We can tell them they're getting free healthcare.
Gee, I wonder why Black people don't want to get these vaccines.

Wow! That's a lot of conspiracy fact!

And it's just the tip of the iceberg. So when someone says dismissively, "that's just a conspiracy theory", it really showcases the supreme ignorance of that person, because if you think that the only conspiracy facts are the ones that have been proven true, you must have been smoking crack when you came up with conclusion. Either that or you'll believe anything the slavemasters tell you (much more likely eh?)

How many conspiracy theories are true?

This is a hard thing to say, because false conspiracy theories are constructed on top of thin evidence and extreme amounts of inductive reasoning, extrapolation, speculation, global overarching narratives, and personal bias. With this in mind, we can use the data at our disposal to fabricate infinite conspiracy theories as long as we have the creativity to do so.

Rather, the smarter thing to do is to ask oneself: how many people get caught "doing conspiracy"? The entire point of crime is that you wouldn't get caught; this is the only outcome that makes crime profitable/sustainable. The reward has to massively outweigh the risk because the risk can often result in jail time or being forever disgraced and dishonored.

I'd say it's pretty safe to assume that only 1%-10% of conspiracy is reveled for what it is. That means for every conspiracy fact I've listed above there are between 10 to 100 other conspiracy facts that are still "crazy conspiracy theories", or even more likely aren't even conspiracy theories because the secret was kept secret and they got away with it 100% clean.

1%-10% is a big range, and in my personal opinion 1%-3% sounds more accurate. But even if you are being EXTREMELY LIBERAL with how many people you think are getting caught for their crimes, 10% would be a massively high number. This is why people love those COP dramas on TV: the bad guy gets caught 100% of the time and justice is always served. Once again we see that the average person likes to live in their Matrix fantasy-land blue-pill bubble. Their brain can't handle actual reality so they chose to trust an authority that is obviously lying and untrustworthy by every standard in the book.

If you want to look up more about master manipulators the best source I've found is Caitlin Johnstone. She doesn't fuck around. Only facts, no speculative bullshit.


And I haven't even gone into all the times people get convicted of crimes they didn't commit via being framed (ironically another conspiracy) or just by being unlucky. This world is a very complicated clusterfuck and there are no trustworthy sources of information out there. We have to do our own research and simply hope that we put the puzzle together correctly.

You aren't allowed to have an opinion if...

You are not entitled to your opinion. If you want to throw all critical thinking out the window and just parrot what someone else told you, then get back to the kid's table; you don't belong here. Honestly I don't think any of you guys realize the severity of the situation we are in.

It's all fun and games now.

Haha look at crypto trying to compete with central banking and the military industrial complex. Isn't that adorable! LOL! Let them have their fun, this is hilarious. Wow looks like we can make money off this too... interesting.

But just wait for when shit gets real.

Just wait until we start seeing REAL disruption. The kind where all the billionaires and gatekeepers and demons of this world actually realize that crypto is a SERIOUS threat and they are about to lose EVERYTING. We are literally on the brink of all out war and most people have their thumb up their ass asking: wen number go up? Yall in for a rude awakening.

Spoiler alert: the soldiers on the front lines have a low survival rate.

These past few years haven't been some temporary hard time that's going to vanish and everything goes back to normal: it's a testing ground and a promise that shit is about to get a hundred times worse. Count on it.


The Children's Table Test:

I've come up with a very simple test to see if someone is allowed to have an opinion on conspiracy theory. It's just one simple question:

Can steel reinforced structures implode into their own footprint at freefall speeds without a demolition team?

If the answer is:

Yes, in fact all it takes is heat/fire applied to random areas of the building for this to occur.

Ah well then, you're wrong, you don't believe in science, and you live at the fantasy land kids table where you'll get to live in a bubble of luxury and whimsy and a 24/7 Criminal Minds TV channel. Sounds nice. I wish I could visit. Alas, I live in the real world.


Jet fuel can't melt steel beams.

If your rebuttal to this argument is "yes it can", that's fine.
If your rebuttal to this argument is "it can weaken the beams", that's fine as well.

But if your rebuttal to this argument is "Yes it can, and it can also cause a steel reinforced structure to implode at free fall speeds." Oops, get your ass back to the kids table maybe we'll try that again next year when you're a little older.

If you were to show a video of these three buildings falling to any demolitionist in the world without any context or knowledge of the official narrative, they would say there was a 100% chance of a controlled demolition, hands down, guaranteed, there is no other possible explanation. Except their was wasn't there? And 99% of people believed the obvious lie as "experts" were forced/incentivized to testify that that effect. We can see that 2021 is the year of "experts" as well.


Can you believe that the terrorist's passport was found at the base of the towers?! Wow, what a coincidence!

No, only a child would believe such a fairytale.

Back to the kid's table.

And you'll notice that I make no claim as to who assembled this demolition team and for what purpose, only that said demolitions team obviously existed.

In fact, not only was it a demolition, but it was the ULTIMATE demolition. It was a MASTERPIECE of demolitions. Pinpoint mathematical precision at it's finest; the example you would give every student and tell them: this is how the masters do it. Glorious perfection; not a single charge out of place. Not a single error made; the best team ever assembled in the history of ever, and sadly they get no credit for their work. How rude!

I guess that's assuming they even lived through the aftermath.
What happened to the guys that killed Bin Laden, again? I forget.


Those fucking idiots should have set the building on fire first, amirite? lol. That would have stopped this botched demolition for sure!


Why didn't they crash a plane into it first?

What a tragedy.
If only they had used a plane to take this one down safely.

It's a great litmus test.

It is the only conspiracy theory that I know of that is blatantly obviously conspiracy fact without actually being officially proven. Anyone who believes the lie? Ah well, it's a great filter to completely disregard your opinion when it comes to other matters of speculating on global corruption.

Even if you're right, you're still a dick!

And this is where one needs to reflect and have a little self awareness. It is extremely frustrating to have the same stupid fucking arguments over and over and over again with people who believe propaganda. This frustration turns to rage because the ramifications are clear:

"I remain a slave because the 'idiots' around me are accepting their slavery and living in the slavemaster's fantasy world, gobbling that shit up like it's candy."


Why o why didn't I take the blue pill?

What do you think is going to happen when these crimes are revealed? Crypto is all about transparency and truth. What happens when the MSM gets replaced by decentralized reporting? What happens when all those top secret files at the Pentagon and inside those impenetrable mountain fortresses just gets plopped on the Internet like it's celebrity gossip?

LOL, I'll tell you what's going to happen: it's going to fucking break people. Their minds will be shattered; their souls will be torn asunder as they realize the life they've been living has been in servitude to the most evil demonic forces the world has ever known. Toiling their entire lives, paying into this broken system via taxes, inflation, corporatocracy, greed, and infinite warfare. Everyone is complicit. No one's hands are clean.

(Gullibility != Ignorance)

For us free thinkers, it's easy to throw out the labels of idiot... fool... moron! How could you fucking idiot morons believe this stupid shit!? But at the end of the day this is literally how humanity is programmed down to our genetic codebase. We were programmed to trust authority. We were programmed to have many followers and few leaders. Society wouldn't have gotten to where it is today without these traits embedded into our very core.

And so attacking the intelligence of the very people we are trying to win over is obviously an extremely toxic and wholly counterproductive strategy. Yet we do it anyway because it feels good and it makes us superior. Imperialism runs deep in our veins, no matter how enlightened we tell ourselves we are. This toxicity can be found everywhere, and must be constantly purged with great effort.

Wait... what was I talking about again?

My ADHD knows no bounds. Do you know what this post was supposed to be about? This was supposed to a follow-up about Alec Baldwin's manslaughter incident on the set of Rust. It was supposed to be about "regular people" waking up to the bullshit.

In any case, more shady information has come to light. Many of the cast and crew had recently walked off the set due to safety concerns and poor accommodations. Apparently they were working on a low budget and cutting all the corners.

The official narrative here is that the prop-gun was loaded with live ammunition and given to Alec without his knowledge, and he was practicing drawing the weapon from the hostler and pointing it at the camera... guess who was standing behind the camera?

I think there was also a rumor snuck in there that someone has been hunting with the weapon the day before (because that's a thing that people do with revolvers)(update: now they're saying target practice), and that there were 3 different prop guns because of "COVID". Guess we found out which one was more deadly.

Do we believe this narrative?

My girlfriend doesn't, and she is not a conspiracy theorist in the least bit. She's lived in LA for a decade and knows how the industry works. The official narrative of this story is suspicious, and no one seems to be asking the proper questions, by design.

Like, isn't it obvious that Alec Baldwin has the exact kind of elitist entitled attitude that could have led to a rage-blackout killing? How is a career lifelong actor, who constantly advocates gun control, able to make such a blatant blunder? Like, check the chamber when someone hands you a gun. It's not hard. Method act your way through it if you have to.

No one seems to be asking if their was any possible motive for this to have been purposeful. Everyone is calling it accidental and seemingly defending him. No one questions the "misfire", and the responsibility is already being directed at the other people on set, with one person "being fired from a previous position for a related incident". Really? Hm, interesting. Deflect deflect deflect. Too bad that bullet didn't deflect, amirite? Is that in bad taste? My bad. I'm in a mood.

The GF has also come to me with this other conspiracy theory that a lot of corporations out there are simply pretending to beg for employees when in reality they could easily increase wages and still maintain profitability. They are using this time as an excuse to continue automation and eliminate those jobs for good. I really can't put into words how weird is it to hear this stuff coming out of her mouth... these times they are a changing.

My girlfriend is a hardcore democrat and puts in countless hours trying to change the system from within, right down to the local level. Yes, she knows my opinion on the matter. I'm pretty sure she registered me to vote which was... highly annoying. I have never and will never vote (except on DPOS). Doing so validates the broken system. #abstain #reject

Does my girlfriend believe that those buildings were demolished? No, she does not, even though her dad is a literal architect and claims they very obviously were (and she is a technical CAD drafter who also knows a lot about architecture). Go figure: some people refuse to believe the truth even when it stares them in the face and begs them to believe it. Lalala I'm not listening, never happened.


There is an awakening going down at the moment. Every day, every week, every year, more and more people are taking the red pill and waking up to this factory farm of nightmares. Surely, it is unclear as to where this is all going, as the future is never what you think it will be, even if we guess 90% right the remaining 10% has a tendency of changing the entire game.

However, I think one thing is certain. Exponential change is coming to this world, and with it exponential evolution and exponential extinction. I sound like a broken record... I guess the real question is will I do something useful with this information or will I just sit on the sidelines toxically reminding everyone I told them so. Hm, I'm stumped.

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