How to PRINT MONEY with HIVE and HBD

I am seriously in awe right now, I can't believe it but its true, I am printing money.

Let me show you how to do it too.


Do you know about the HBD - Hive Backed Dollars? This is our dollar pegged token, and its somewhat of a running joke that it doesn't hold its peg all that well. But I love this token even more after this most recent hard fork.

There are intricate details involved in the HBD mechanics, if you don't believe me try to figure out what tonsure is, and probably check some of @rycharde's old posts.

Anyway, in bull markets it seems, this HBD can shoot above the dollar peg, since there are not all that many of them. This was noted 4 years ago when SBD soared to 10 dollars and higher. That was a very special time in my life.

But while it was good for people printing SBD at the time, a dollar pegged token that doesn't hold a dollar is not a very good token. There were money-making (aka arbitrage) methods of bringing an underpriced SBD/HBD back up to a dollar, but until the last Hard Fork there was no mechanism to bring it back down.

Now there is, its called: Printing Money! (by me)


Its called 'Convert to HBD' by the PeakD team, and its available right in the wallet, all you need is some HIVE tokens to put up as collateral. They take 2x collateral, and the conversion happens in 3.5 days time with a median price for HIVE. The best part is this process en masse, should make the HIVE price rise, generating even more profits on the back end of the conversion.


Here's a warning from the PeakD team about when not to use this:


Don't do this when HBD is under 1.05 (there is a 5% fee), and don't do it if you think the price of HIVE will fall significantly, as that will eat into your profits.


But, when HBD is high, this mechanism should funnel that 'high level of interest' in HBD into the HIVE price, making conditions right for this to be a very profitable trade (aka Printing Money!).

Here's the interface:


This is my 17th trip around the block, and I want to convert all the HIVE I have on hand, so I can click on the blue number and it will put that in for me.

The bank will print me 318.14 HBD today, and keep my 1380.968 HIVE on hand for 3.5 days, when the final price will be calculated, and what is remaining of my collateral will be sent back.

I hit 'CONTINUE' and sign the transaction with keychain.


Now I send the HBD straight to bittrex for dumping! Make sure to always use your memo as bittrex actually can recover funds sent without a memo, but they take a while to get around to doing it, meaning the trade could go out the window while you wait.


Once the money hits your account, check out the market. I would recommend @josephsavage's recent guide on trade types to get more acquainted with working in a market/order-book environment. As he says, 'You're the boss!'.


We can see that the spread is pretty wide, between 2413 sats and 2445 sats. If you don't know, sats or satoshis are 0.00000001 or 1/one hundred millionth of a bitcoin.

I don't want to be a 'taker', I want to be a 'maker', and I don't like waiting, so I tend to crowd the spread, since there are a lot of bots that will automatically undercut you by a single satoshi.


When I say 'crowd the spread', I mean place a limit sell way down near the buy price. Above I did 2417, and indeed you can see a bot immediately sniped me at 2416, in the time it took for me to snap the screen shot. I will go ahead and cancel and replace my order, I'm not sure I will be able to get a shot of it.


This time I managed to pin it! The bot cannot undercut me because the lowest unit is the satoshi. They will be forced to liquidate me or move the price down, remember many of these bots are working both sides of the equation. If you are a bit more patient, you might get a better price on this trade or the next.

While we wait for the order to fill, this a good time to watch a youtube video or curate some posts or play your splinterlands battles.

Then buy some HIVE with the same strategy.


Now we withdraw back to HIVE, bittrex charges 0.01 HIVE to do this.

We can already see here that we used 318.937 HBD bought at 1.05 equals 334.88 USD to buy 372 dollars worth of HIVE.


Back on PeakD wallet, we can see that we have the 728.645 HIVE on hand (plus a bit that arrived from dCity in the meantime), plus a new contract saying

318.937 HBD converted, remaining from 1380.968 HIVE collateral will be returned in 3 days.


Let's say the median price for HIVE is 0.50 cents at the end of the 3.5 days, and again, they will be charging me 1.05 for the 318.937 HBD, or 334.88, that means they will keep x2, or 669,768 hive, leaving me with 711.2 HIVE returned. Adding this to the 728.645 that I have on hand already yields a grand total of

1439,845 HIVE

This from 1380.968 that we started from, an estimated profit of 58,877 HIVE. 58,877/1380.968 is 4.26%, if you like to know those things.

And I did rush some of the trades in order to write this guide in a reasonable amount of time, remember to trade smart and never risk more than you can afford to lose.

Freedom and Friendship!

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