Virus --> Masks --> Vaccines --> Digital Immunity Passport and ID --> Cashless Society

Only 2% of Americans are currently fully vaccinated, said Dr. Fauci today, and a partial return to normal will only be possible once that hits 70-85%. According to CNN, experts warn of a 3rd wave of Covid-19 cases coming in a few months, thanks to new variants of the virus. Fauxi and other experts reveal that lockdowns and restrictions will intensify through 2021, and not even those who have received multiple injections will be granted any freedom - until compliance is widespread and digital immunization passports are issued.

"The day has finally come. You've received the second dose of a Covid-19 vaccine. Does that mean you're free to go about life as you did before? Sorry, there is no immunity passport yet, experts told CNN."

If anyone still thought "immunity passports" (aka "vaccination passports") weren't really the plan, that should set them straight. They literally say that vaccinated people can't go back to life how it was before because immunity passports aren't available yet.

It's not about the virus. It's about control.

CNN's headline story today tells the public what life will be like, until almost everyone has been injected and issued a digital ID:

  • Can we see friends and family? No, unless we are ALL vaccinated, wearing masks, and remain distant for a brief outdoor visit.
  • Can we dine out or go to an event? Probably not.
  • Can we travel? Absolutely not.
  • Can we stop wearing masks? No, never. In fact, we should wear two.

What's the difference between that and prison? I'm seriously asking. Is there anything?

Are we under permanent house arrest, almost globally? It seems so. And we are being told we're defective if we don't adjust quickly to this oppression.

Now, those who comply are told the rest of us are keeping them from being able to get back to normal. "If only those vaccine skeptics would take the shot, and allow the pandemic to be contained, this could be over by now!" is the obvious message, over and over again, from every angle.

In reality, close to half the population is against taking the vaccine, so there's no way they'll get anywhere NEAR 80%. They know they can't reach the goal. The war is meant to be waged, not won.

This is getting disturbing

It's hard not to be slightly freaked out, as this plan advances, and the needles get closer and closer to us and our children. We can see where they're going with this. We know it's not even really about the injections, it's about compliance, and about the digital passports, which are going to be part of the cashless economy and "Great Reset". It's about having all humans as domesticated animals, unable to refuse untested mRNA technologies into their bodies. Unable to leave, unable to defend themselves, unable to protest.

I feel as though I'm watching people marching, assembling, putting on uniforms, shaving their heads, and loading themselves onto a train. Totally compliant. There's almost no need for guards with weapons. Everybody's got a screen in their hand telling them what to believe and what to do. These are NOT rational people who can be reasoned with.

And they are being told that EVERYBODY has to get on that train, or it won't take us all to paradise.


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