Some considerations to avoid fraud when investing in cryptocurrencies.

Written by:Diomer Antonio Galán Rincón.
Bachelor's Degree.Public Accounting / MSc.Science of Higher Education.

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The cryptographic world is full of many attractions and even more if the market is in an uptrend, since unintentionally news of people or investors who have earned a lot of money with the investments made come out and this undoubtedly help in such a way to scammers to capture unwary people who do not know the risk of falling into the unscrupulous hands of this type of people and that you want to invest in cryptocurrencies, but still do not know much about the subject.

It should be noted that it is not so difficult to know how you can fall into a scam, since the way to operate with cryptocurrencies does not differ from the modus operandi with other types of assets, however for those who do not know even the slightest idea, it is certainly another world, for them I will give you some elements that can serve to detect frauds.

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1.-Short-term and huge yields:

The first element that you must take into consideration is related to the call to new investors through a highly attractive yield, with the different euphorias of crypto or also with the Bitcoin as the largest trading currency and market value.

It is important to note that those who talk about this type of projects always try to convince you that theirs is not a scam, and will offer you very high returns of up to 250% of the investment, which is impossible by market standards.

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2. They show you the best face with eccentric profiles:

These people boast of having an extraordinary and successful life with luxury goods, such as vehicles, houses, brand clothes, among others, they also present themselves as the best and most important investment consultants (managers), they even have a technological marketing campaign such as videos to show what they have through the success they have achieved in a very short time, all this setup is in order to convince you to project yourself like them, in order to achieve success in a very short time.

3. They show you a variety of irresistible offers:

All scammers handle several very famous phrases such as "You should invest right now in this cryptocurrency because it will rise exponentially", another phrase that they also use, "It is the right time to buy to take advantage of the discount" these elements are mostly clear signs of hooks.

Some present you with new projects, without perhaps having the legality and backing of any token, as well as being able to know the crypto exchanger where it will be listed, all this should be investigated before making any investment and not only have in consideration and opinion of any expert.

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4. They use a website that seems to be legal but it is not:

Nowadays there are a great amount of programmers of great range that make any web page, with the characteristic that the client requests. It is important to be able to have in consideration these elements since the swindlers use professional web sites that seem legal, serious and very trustworthy, but the truth is not, therefore there is no guarantee of security in it. You will be able to enter the website, do your review, but you will not be protected from fraud.

Author: @dgalan,through Power Point 2010 tool, and using public domain

5. You get fooled in ponzi scams:

It is something very common in the frauds related to the cryptographic world, since they use you to look for referrals, in such a way that those who are already inside the system can attract many more, they also use the modality of memberships where you must pay first and later you will receive your returns in a safe way.

Frauds in the cryptographic world are more recurrent every day, for this reason we must be more cautious when we want to venture into the blockchain, so that if you do not have any knowledge but the desire to invest, you must first be able to document well. When we only venture to invest without knowing exactly what it is, it is possible that it is not the right financial decision, so never put your money in something you do not know completely, as well as do not give your capital to third parties, that is one of the worst actions you could do.

I hope you like my article and I would appreciate all your comments.

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