dCity Data On Cards Issued, Rewards And Users

The dCity game has been steadily going forward in the last months. The long awaited 3rd edition has been released a months ago and not much has happen in the game since then.

One of the few things that has been introduced is the diesel pool on tribaldex for the SWAP.HIVE:SIM pair, where liquidity providers are rewarded, both for holding rewards and for proving liquidity.
Meanwhile Splinterlands has an immense growth and some of the users might check out dCity as well.


For those not familiar with the game, dCity is a city simulator game where players are buying NFTs in form of a cards, that represent buildings and then try to optimize their city production.

Players are rewarded with the in-game token SIM on a daily basis based on their city production. The top 400 players are rewarded with HIVE based on their ranking on the leaderboard. SIM holders are also rewarded in HIVE for holding SIM.

Here we will be looking into the following:
• Cards issued by date
• Cards issued by type
• Cards issued by player
• SIM and HIVE rewarded to players
• Cards buying
• Top earners
The period that we will be looking here is from the start of the game, at the end of January 2020 till Sept 14, 2021.

Cards Issued

Here is the chart of the cards issued per day.


We can see the up trend for the previous second edition and the drop afterwards. Then at the end of April 2021 a huge spike with the release of the 3rd edition but it looks like it has dropped back fast and loose momentum.
A small spike in cards buying in August as well.

The chart above doesn’t include cards like immigrants, homeless and the other citizens cards that players get randomly. No tech cards as well.

The monthly chart looks like this.


A small up trend in August can be seen here as well.

Cards Issued by Player

Here is the chart for the top 20 players that purchased cards in the last 30 days.


@jellycz is on the top here with 8.5k cards, followed by @d-pend and @ecoinstant.

Cards Issued by Type

Here is the chart for the cards issued by type for the 3rd edition only.


The number of cards by type is basically following the drop rate of the cards. The construction site is the top card with 21k, then the office and the barracks.

The above are basically the most common cards.

SIM Rewarded

The game is rewarding its players with SIM on a daily basis. Here is the chart for the daily amounts of SIM rewarded to players.


The SIM rewards are tied to the price of SIM and the overall taxes in the game. The top for the SIM rewards was back in December 2020, January 2021, and then a drop since then. In May 2021 the SIM emission was at its lowest because of the low SIM price, but we are seeing some more action lately. In August 2021 the SIM rewards increased a bit.

In the last period 2M to 3M SIM was rewarded daily.

How about SIM spent?
The chart for buying cards with SIM looks like this.


This is very similar to the chart for issued cards. We can see the spike for the 3rd edition in the last period.

SIM Rewarded VS SIM Spent

Here is the chart.


This is basically showing is how much SIM didn’t go back in the game and players hold it. SIM has multiple functions now, like electing president, lobing for rewards distributions, and holding rewards.

In the last period we can see a lot of SIM that players didn’t put back in the system and are holding. The holding rewards are basically incentivizing this.

The top SIM Earners

Here is the chart for the top SIM earners in the period.


@jellycz is on the top here, followed by @d-pend and @ecoinstant.

HIVE Rewards

The game is rewarding players in HIVE as well.
At first these rewards were distributed on a weekly basis and afterwards on daily basis. 50% of the cards sales goes into the reward pool, and 1% of that is distributed daily to players. There is holdings rewards now as well.

Here is the chart.


The orange are the SIM holding rewards, and the white, ranking rewards.

We can see that the holding rewards have overtaken the ranking rewards for HIVE. On average around 500 HIVE is distributed daily, out of which more then 400 is for SIM holding rewards.

Top HIVE Earners

Here is the chart for the top HIVE earners in the last 30 days.


@d-pend on the top by a lot, followed by @ecoinstant and @steemshiro.
Both, ranking and holding rewards are included in the above.

All the best

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