No More Authors For BuzzFeed Clones - Long Live Clickbait!

This post is about economic impact of AI. If I zero in more... GPT-3 from Open AI. The company was founded in San Francisco in late 2015 by Elon Musk, Sam Altman & bunch of other very smart & mostly rich people. Now we are starting to see powerful impact of Open AI. It's basically changing the way many industries operated including low effort journalism & marketing work!

What Would AI Writer Doing Double Duty As SEO Assistant Do To Blockchain Content Publishing?

This post is like a follow up to the post listed above. After that I've found even more AI writing tools. One of them is Craftly.AI

Sample Work - Input & Output!

Sample 3.png

Sample 3.png

Outsourced Brainstorming!

Sample 2.png

Samples taken from You'd have to take a trial to see the mos authentic results. Craftly.AI offer lots of different types of writing for marketing or blogs. I doubt these can be used to write books. But surely they can at least help writers. Here's dashboard:


The Onion Did (Not) Predict This

The Onion totally got the part about bloggers loosing their jobs. But the message most people got was a fall of clickbait journalism. Actually these journalism cycles have been a thing before. They were called Yellow Journalism!

Now It's Gonna Be Automated

Humans need not apply! Minimum wage is too damn high for this work! I was looking forward to see these over stuffed content with little value will eventually die because it'll be too hard to produce these clickbait content on a tight budget. Then I see this:


Army Of Writers - $79/Month

I'd really love to see @taskmaster4450 cover this AI writing stuff. It's such a fascinating thing to look at as someone who post a lot of content. These stuff are fast and produce readable stuff. I have lots of nitpicks about them. Facts might get off. But producing "content" becomes super fast and barely cost anything!

Craftly.AI uses advanced natural language processing to construct original outputs! You never need to source Craftly for your work, it’s our little secret!

Now What If Same Content Get Generated Twice???

"Coincidence" In Comments :)


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