Looking At Price Charts - I Grew My LEO Stake 9.8% Today During LEO Crash - This is My Trading Journey

There's so many opportunities in crypto markets. If you try to keep track of everything - you can easily get drained. But if you spend you time around awesome communities with awesome blockchains/Dapps you can come across many many opportunities like the one I used today!

I Don't Always Check Price - But...

LEO Drop.png

Look at that thing!

I've been around LEO to know it's one of the best communities with so many new stuff under development. Don't believe me? Check @leofinance for all the official posts. There's even a newsletter. I haven't subbed to that. I use https://leofinance.io anyway :)

My point is LEO doesn't deserve all this bear. That's to say we've got ourselves an undervalued asset! Time to sell few coins that held their value and grab a piece of LEO that got bear attacked :P

Selling Steem On Hive-Engine

Steem Sale.png

I'm in a small hurry. I've sold some Steem strategically before. But this time I need to get to LEO fast :)

Luckily some bot bought my order fast. In case you weren't a bot but super agile human person - my apologies. I had already move some of my Hive to Hive-Engine. Time to buy I guess.

Let's Order Some LEO

Buy LEO.png

You'll notice I haven't put all my Hive to buy LEO. There's a reason for that. I'm participating in dCity Auctions. I'd make a post on this eventually. I'm leaving some Hive for that. Order can take a while to fill. I'll have some patience for that.

We can check some charts till then. That's get you up to speed with current events in crypto :)









If you didn't look at the time frame - this is to remind you it's all 90 day charts. Not sure how the trading volumes are calculated for CU. It looks so sudden. Maybe some API got updated or something... It's not my expertise to comment.

Upping My Stake

Power Up.png

I'm waiting for my order to get filled. If it doesn't work I might have to add more Hive or Steem to buy LEO.

Using Schedule Post Feature

This is one of the coolest things Hive front ends have that other don't. If there's any let me know cause I'm looking for one.

I might need some sleep before finishing the trades. If I publish right now & I had luck to go viral - I might loose on some opportunity. So I'm gonna play it safe here and schedule post and carry out my power ups later.

Hope You All Have A Great Time!

Edit: Managed to grab 72 LEO and bring the sell wall down a bit. Sorry if anyone got hurt in the process :) It's the way of the markets!

Sell Wall.png

Edit: Decided to post without scheduling. #ChaoticNeutral

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