Invisible abundance, the ultimate bait. Creating and mantaining value on NFT


Alien worlds is a basic game

So basic that I'm not sure it fits the definition of a game. Is about mining on one of the 6 available planets. The mining process is 3 clicks every "x" amount of time. In result of the mining you get a token (Trillium/TLM) and a chance to receive a NFT.

AW  mininf.png

ScreenShot taken from my browser.Basically this is Alien Worlds with 200.000 users/24hs

The land parcels of each planet were sold in packs. Before the game comes out. Possibly they invested in advertising more than in development. Today with 200,000 stable players the "game" has not advanced a millimeter in its development FOR MONTHS.

About marketing, the only AD i see from alienworlds was placed on Dappradar. Long ago.

Easy as that.

They were the ones who led the NFT boom.

Little by little the waters are calming down and clarifying the picture. This new technology opened the field for mass adoption. There is still a long way to go, but reputable companies entered the blockchain thanks to platforms like Wax.

Alien worlds, as the only COMPLETELY FREE alternative exploited this emerging phenomenon.


Screenshot from RPLANET 2.5 million NFT stacked

Flooding the market with cheap, if not free, NFTs proved to be an effective strategy. I honestly didn't expect it, it goes against everything I learned about how the market works. Because not only low-end NFT's were given away for free, but also the higher quality ones dropped once a week.

But the value of something is not always a matter of numbers. In this case the NFT was not worth because it was an NFT but because it represented the tool of a project. The productive capacity, its potential, as if it were a real tool in a real job.

Also of course, the amount of players constantly coming in. Created a "sense of epicness" that was increasing the demand of NFT.

Attracted by that system, many users logged in, generated some (free) pennies and bought their first tool from bigger players, also there were high chances to find cards playing.

However, even though many players entered, they generated more NFT.

In the face of a potential devaluation the reaction was quick



Screenshot from RPlanet a pool for staking NFT receiving a token called Aether

Authenticated creators were admitted to a pool where you deposit NFT and people flocked to the markets to pay them ridiculous prices. They didn't last a second, you offered them and they disappeared.

This was a palliative, not a definitive solution. What happened then? They stopped issuing NFT, reduced the reward for each mined in Alien Worlds and little by little they reduced the rewards for stacking NFT.Anyway, they already had over 200,000 users every 24hs. They could tighten their belts a bit.


237k players, screen taken today from dappradar. Above and advertise spot, was the one who alienworlds used to be in.

Another way to hinder the massive extraction of users was to increase the CPU consumption (like the RCs in Hive) which got the players to perform less actions and forced them to stacke wax which also benefits the network that hosts them. I honestly ignore if it was deliberate or a simple and opportune coincidence.

I didn't mention the fight against bots or multiaccounts because I don't think anything exceptional was done to curb them, but yes, there were thousands of bots. But I think the average player doesn't make more than one account. The impact of bots is diluted when there are many active players. Although they are hunted down and removed from the system anyway.

The point is that NFTs with videogame applications is proben to be AN EXTREMELY VALUABLE COMMODITY.

But only in a densely populated system.

At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is that there are a lot of players, everything else can be solved. Because if that game fails, you already have 200,000 eager individuals that you can send to your next game, with a more advanced system and a more experienced staff.

Hope you enjoy this analysis! I hope it be helpfull, feel free to ask me anything or even correct me if any information given is wrong!