How I earn on CBM [Unoficcial guide] First Steps - Giveaway 3 NFTs


Howdy Hivean cryptogamers! A few days ago I have many people asking me how to get started in cryptobrewmaster.

All cryptocurrency games are potentially an income opportunity. But a game is above all a game, no one assures or promises profits.

I can only explain how the current system works, making clear that the systems, prices and rewards are subject to more or less abrupt variations. If you stay at the end of the post you will be able to participate to get your first NFT or some free CBM.

Despite being a game still in development, it is already perfectly playable, active and with many updates. So if you have already tried it, you will surely find a lot of new features.


The way to generate some income is by positioning yourself on the leaderboard in the different events. I don't find profit in selling materials and earning CBM, on the contrary I buy a lot to produce materials and beers. I don't sell anything on the market, nor do I get CBM from the game. I bought the passport just to support the team that does such a good job.


I just deposit a lot of CBM, rent the buildings, buy the upgrades and some packs (by HBD) or buy the cards directly on the in-game market (by CBM).

There are many missions in which you can compete. The lowest places are for 20$ASH (1,5 HIVE today) and the first place for 400 ash (about 33 HIVE today) and free materials, of random quality.

You can participate in the following competitions.

1 - "Busy Bee" Number of materials claimed on the pub board earns points. This event starts on Mondays and ends on Fridays. Those who finish UP TO 25th place qualify for rewards.

2 - "Wholesaler" sell as many beers as you can in the PUB. Trick, you can buy the beers sold by other players. It is quite expensive, but I mention it because it is possible. It starts on Mondays and ends on Thursdays. Qualify for rewards those who finish UP TO 25th place.

3 - "Top Manufacturer" all beers produced and sold. This event starts on Mondays and ends on Fridays. Those finishing UP TO 25th place qualify for rewards.

4- "Sunday Wealthy Brewmaster" lasts from Monday to Sunday. To promote you have to sell your beer or buy CBM on the exchange. I never participate or appear here. I can't give more details about how it works, I accept in the comments more details.

5 - "Resource Producer" from Monday to Sunday, all the materials produced are counted, the first place gets a lot of prize materials. Those who finish UP TO 25th place qualify for rewards.

6 - "Top Brewery" Starts on Friday and ends on Sunday. Beers that arrive at the PUB and other players (or you) drink it add points for this event. Only 10 places are awarded.

7 - "Beer Drinker" Also from Friday to Sunday, to see who drink the most beer to get energy. Up to 25th place.

Building upgrades


Each building has different spaces that can be unlocked with CBM. The only exception is the brewery whose slots depend on the factory we have installed.

The improvements to the buildings impact in different ways, from cuts in time, instant finish price, increased efficiency, reduced efficiency cost and lower repair cost.

The fewer cards you have equipped, the more expensive, risky and time consuming production is.

  • The most expensive and scarce investment is the one that increases effectiveness
  • The easiest to obtain are the ones that lower costs in general (by time, finish now, or repair cost).


The improvements can be scaled little by little, I recommend that you buy some packs, see what you need and from there develop a strategy.


Do not be afraid to invest something, it is an entertaining game, well done and with planning for the future.

"Finish Now" button


Although it may seem expensive, speed up the production of some materials so you can appear in the rankings. If you go a little overboard don't worry, you can make a post reporting your achieves or your problems and the game team will give you votes in hive and also in ASH.

It's a perfect circle, I play, I win, I invest, I write, I win and I invest again

why keep investing?

Because it is getting cheaper and cheaper in CBM, the more I equip the buildings the better my chances of getting better materials by paying less and less for each material.

When the materials obtained are of low quality, don't worry. This is where the enhancers come into play.

After bought you can use them in the Academy

They are cards that can transform ingredients to another quality. 2 gray waters can be transformed into a green one, or four gray waters into a blue one (although the blue Enhancers are quite expensive).


The green Enhancers are quite cheap (200cbm approx) and can be bought in NFTMart with other cryptocurrencies. To start with I recommend buying the green water Enhacers, aroma and blittering hopes enhancer, and possibly the 2 row barley and 2 row barley malt, all of them green. Of course the blue enhancer are much better, but they are not available or are disproportionately expensive. Before buying a blue enhancer, it is much more economical to buy some powerful improvement in the production buildings.

The most efficient for me, is to leave the production to half and activate the "finish now". The best way to buy yeast is in the market, even if it seems too expensive. Again, you have to find the balance yourself.I started out very reserved, for months finishing behind in the table, without using the "Finish Now" and little by little I was encouraged and today I fight head to head and sometimes finish first.

But start by getting to know the game, dedicate yourself to research and expand little by little, buy one or two packs to try your luck and have fun! Write some posts on the Aeneas blog or using the hashtag ASH and also keep an eye out for airdrops, announced on the discord channel.

The superiority of Hive over other games is that growth can be funded by participation in the platform. By writing about your experiences in the game you can collect ASH and Staff votes and use them to expand your factories.

The 3 first comments including "i want my giveaway" would receive a neutral NFT or 40CBM

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