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This is not a criticism nor is it directed at anyone. I am just a user in love with the project and its people, at least almost all of them.

I want to share with you my vision about the weaknesses of our project, always starting from the same base. That the goal is mass adoption. Keeping the values that represent us, no censorship, decentralization, etc etc....

I will use many references about the Wax network, a network that as a cryptogamer I use a lot. Wax and Hive are ecosystems with similar functionalities. Some successful strategies in Wax can be applied here.

Both Hive and Wax are fertile grounds for apps.

Wax is younger, born from ETH and EOS although it has few fees, it also has stacking, actions consume energy (very similar to RC) a token system, but lack the social part that Hive DOES have. Wax on the other hand has a founding line that comes from the private sector with a project that worked for several years, OpSkins.

Needless to say, Wax also benefited from the NFT boom. Where Hive is just now starting to expand.

I seek to point out what in my opinion are the most urgent problems and the most limiting weaknesses. Barriers that are difficult to overcome and that keep us away from the average user.

1- Lack of branding identity.

meme forever alone.png

Beyond the "Hive" in the "Hive Keychain" there is no identity as a user of the system. This identity must be visible on all platforms. To strengthen our mother network is to strengthen all our projects. Divided we are weak.

I see with some sadness how the epic of community, once so present, fades away.

This is explained very well by @growthacker who is a branding professional I know personally and with whom I talked a lot about Hive and he himself wrote this post. He works for Coca-Cola Company, among other big fishes.

By the way while writing this I just found a Hive NFT marketplace that I didn't know about. It's time to consider how to communicate, AT LEAST BETWEEN US, about Hive's new projects. In Wax, all the apps in their ecosystem are on the FIRST PAGE.

I don't worship WAX, I'm just looking to apply strategies that work.

2- Adapt to the needs of the audience.

2-a In Wax you can create an account using Google authentication. It may seem superficial, but it is not. And despite its "fragility" in terms of security, Wax works very well.


Screenshot from wax registration site

I think it wouldn't hurt to review some alternatives, you can keep the current system but you could come up with some mixed approach and it would have a big impact on how new users perceive the network.

I am not talking about changing the system, but giving a possibility to those who are not interested in such a high level of security. Freedom is also about providing choice and the possibility of equal access. A hybrid system could work perfectly well.

2-b None of our tokens can be seen in TradingView. We all know what TradingView is and everything shows up there, Wax tokens are no exception.


Screen Capture of Alcor exchange. Descentralized, working on Wax, Proton, EOS, Telos Why our tokens are not listed anywhere but Hive?

I asked why on the hive-engine channel and was told that the tokens are not tracked by them. But i see on @cryptex24 some of our coins listed and working over tradingview so apparently this is possible.


2-c Advertising.

I understand that the investment corresponds to each community/app but I thought it pertinent to point out the absolute absence of any type of banner or advertising on ANY crypto related site. There is no consensus on this either, maybe a campaign on Google is not effective, but it is effective on social networks and on sites where there is a crypto sympathizers. Public looking for new places to invest and grow. Many Wax games are organized through Blog platforms.

They do not use hive, they do NOT know that hive exists.

It´s not my imagination, i talk to the leader of one of the most active Wax Gaming Community (infidel mining)


They just NEVER HEARD about hive.

4 - Boost the index! Hive Bridge

Communities have their activities very well organized. But advertising is only within the community. More exposure, idle user recruitment and growth of small communities could be achieved.

4a- List of Dapps/Interfaces/Exchanges/Pools/DeFi/Games That already exists on the hive.blog site thanks to @rishi556 who show me the link i was talking about (with a few modifications)

This is Wax Main Index

wax main screen.png

as you can see, there is advertise of the same network apps, wallet, tokens, and a menu.

This is the original Hive site, not available when you are logged in (i mean is not accesible, or viewable)


I was thinking on something like this, minor modifications including some advertise of our proyects.


Sorry about the uglyness is just for shown how i think it could be improved! On the other side could be great if we add HIVE-HBD-BTC price and graph.

4a- An activity calendar

may seem basic at first glance, but it can have a positive impact on the way information flows. We have a powerful social network, but to keep track of the activities we have to enter the discord of each project. Considering also that the search engine is not very effective it would be a great improvement.

4b- Announcements and advertisements of our ecosystem.

News, innovations, updates, upcoming events. All communities should have a free place to put a weekly card in the promotions wheel. More than a weekly card should have a fixed cost, but any community with more than a certain amount of users should have a free place.

The difficult part of this is to collect the information from each and every community and advertise them in the index. I think authorizing only certain community leaders to post and take care of the maintenance of each announcement would be the most efficient in terms of organization.

To me the simple formula is: accessibility + advertising = Massiveness.

I think we have to concentrate all our resources on being as accessible as possible. Because what Hive lacks today is users. We have games that don't exceed 500 players, games that are working and infinitely more complex than those on other networks.

Our task is to create a fertile ground for users to access our projects and invest in them. But the barriers of communication between new projects, added to the awkwardness of taking the first steps creates too many obstacles in the way of new users.

Hope my view helps somehow and contact me with anything i can help with, design, videos, writing, ideas Anything!

@taskmaster4450 really like your analysis hope you enjoy mine!

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