Honor the Satoshi: Stack Sats!

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Most people don't know they don't need to buy a whole bitcoin.

And then there are others who don't care about "the little digits after the comma".

What they don't realize is how fast the value moved from the left to the right over the past 12 years...

There was a time when bitcoin (before the comma) was worth only a few cents. As the years went by, all the little digits after the comma started gaining more and more value.

Right now, 100 satoshis (0.00000100 BTC) are worth $0.02. That's impressive.

One day, one satoshi may be worth one cent. Or even one dollar. Who knows, in the future we may not be talking about "buying bitcoin" anymore, but about "buying satoshis". Hardly anyone will be able to own a whole bitcoin anyway.

You know how easily you can accumulate 100 sats for free on sites like FreeBitco.in?

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If you think in present day value, you may find it ridiculous to keep hitting a button in order to accumulate mere cents. That is, if you live in the Western world where cents are not worth much.

If you think in terms of "future money", though, you may honor the satoshi a little more. One free roll on FreeBitcoin gives you 9 sats right now (yep, that means it takes ten rolls to accumulate 2 cents ;)) But 9 sats may be $9 one day. $9 for hitting a button? Have you ever made money in an easier way? How much energy does it take to keep a browser tab open and hit that button every now and then?

If you still find this ridiculous, there are plenty of other ways to "stack sats": By receiving cashbacks in bitcoin for online purchases you make for example. Or by browsing the web, listening to the radio or simply "googling".

I have compiled a whole list of them on my Free Crypto page here.

Stacking sats is the new Saving

Take those little satoshis more seriously and think long-term. In 5-10 years you'll be glad you did.

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