A successful trade with HIVE !


Exactly 26 days ago, I wrote this : It's the best time to buy hive !.


I bought 1000 hive for 950 satoshies each. Because I saw that a good price to buy. The reason is because in the chart about 2 months ago I've seen the price reached 1400 satoshies. So, I was almost sure that the price will grow to almost that point again.

Recently I've seen the price reached about 1000 a few days ago, but I decided to not sell because that will not bring me a significant amount. So, I decided to wait more and kept believing that the price will go higher. But because I missed the opportunity to sell with 1000 satoshies, I decided to put an order for 1100 saotshies each. All those 1000 hive.

So, today everything was sold. I spent 0.0095 bitcoin and sold for 0.011. I earned that way 0.0015 bitcoin and that's about $50. If we count that in percentage, I turned about $320 hive to about $370 and that's about +13% in only 26 days.

I will keep the experiment on, and I'll buy more hive when the price will drop again. My goal as I said is to earn 10k hive, no matter the time it will take me. Then I may power up that or more. ☺


You may learn from this that trading could take a long time, and you have to have a lot of patience to reach your goal. As well, you have to trust in the coin you're trading. Today hive reached even about 1300 satoshies, so I could earn more. The next time, I will trust in it much more and give it more time to sell.

Trading is not only about earning, but as well about trusting in what you're trading. The more trust you have, the more risk you take, the more you may earn.

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