HBD 10% True stable coin action?


Logged onto my account to do the usual check up and make sure to close all my tasks for the day...

To my surprise I see right away the 10% APR for the HBD savings account... Are we finally going to start working on our on very much stable coin? Or will HBD continue to be the target of small Pump and Dumps.

I checked out what witnesses where running their servers and I found 10 out of the 20 are running with versions that have 10% APR on the HBD so 50% of the top 20 Witnesses are running over 10%.

6/10 of the Top Witnesses are running with the APR of HBD set at over 10% so we are now gathering 10% APR on our HBD stable coin .. That is a nice first step in competing with BlockFi and or Gemini and various other platforms that pay a nice APR for stables.

This feels like Hive's Blockchain is going into the right direction.. took some years but we are making progress..

The price does show a different story... so we are almost* there, HBD should not go under .99 if it truly wants to become a competing stable coin.


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