Avalanche Is Now Tokenized On Polygon


I didn't know Avalanche (AVAX) was tokenized on Polygon Matic until a couple days ago. I think this is crutial for chains to generate more exposure. They need to be tokenized on the popular smart contract platforms to really excite people. People are chasing yields hard on DeFi and if you noticed Telos (TLOS) is tokenized on the Binance Smart Chain and you can earn it by staking CAKE on Pancake Swap. It seems to have really drew attention to the project when it had been very dormant.

AVAX being tokenized allowed me to take a position and earn yield off of it.

Ultimately I feel like the BSC is ahead of the game though with a lot of assets tokenized on there. A person could build a pretty complete portfolio of assets and earn good yields off those assets.

Are you guys in Avalanche? I was really impressed with the devs.

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