Hive award time


I have been reading what people have to say about increasing the 7 day payout for Hive. I have read that it may cause some people from coming to Hive. Why? I read that what if someone's post or video goes viral after 7 days? Then there is no reward.

I guess one way to look at it is to bad so sad, that is the way Hive works. Or people should work harder to make the 7 day time frame work. Or educate new Hive owners on how it works.

I have been thinking about this today. What if an extension to this model could be implemented. The regular payout time and then every 7 days for new upvotes. Maybe some rules like a minimum needed in the following weeks to be rewarded.

And how many weeks would be good? Two, three, ten, etc.

I think of and YouTube. How many YouTubers would come over if there was not one week limit?

Just some thoughts to chew on.

Expand the conversation.

I know @jongolson, @flaxz, @nathanmars, @taskmaster4450 could have some great thought on this subject and many more of you.


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