It's not the curation that gets you...


It's not the curation that gets you, it is the commenting. For real, it is like a full time job. I can fairly easily scroll through my feed and click here and there to throw out some manual votes, but engagement is what sucks you in and eats up a good portion of your day.

Monday's get a pretty bad rap in the US. Probably across the globe, I guess it just depends on what your work week looks like. I've come to dread them even more since I started taking the weekends off from all but the most basic tasks on Hive. I might tool around in Hive-Engine or check @risingstargame or @splinterlands, but it is very rare that I write a full post, comment, or manually upvote.

That means Monday's are a mad rush to catch up on all the stuff I missed over the weekend. Many times it is literally the middle of the day before I finally get caught up. To the point that lately, I have just stopped trying. These days I fire up my machine on Monday morning, scroll through the posts from the last three days and pick maybe one or two that I will comment on. The rest (although great posts I am sure) get left behind.

It just isn't feasible for me to keep up. At least not now while I am still pursuing my career working a full time job.

As you can see, it isn't the curation that I find most tiring, it is the engagement. Maybe I am the exception more than the rule, but I am kind of an introvert, so it takes a lot of energy to put myself out there. It's definitely something I would never be able to do in real life... but behind a keyboard, I am a bit more comfortable.


There is a flip side to my title too.

While engagement can be more draining than curation, it can also be more beneficial. Curation rewards come and go, but building relationships and growing your follower base via engagement can pay you off in spades down the road.

Not only does it bring in readers who could become lifelong followers and friends (which usually means guaranteed upvotes), it can also lead to other opportunities for you...

I just experienced a great example of this.

For the past year or so I have been working part time with EOS DETROIT as a contracted staff writer. Just recently they launched FACINGS which is an NFT centric wholly own subsidy of EOS DETROIT.

Ever since I started on Hive three plus years ago one of the first things I did was setup a Discord account and started chatting and engaging in there. This led to me creating a Telegram account and also through Hive I started being more active on Twitter. Honing those engagement skills really paid off because recently I was invited to be the Community Manager at FACINGS. So basically kind of doing what I have already been doing (only on their channels), but getting paid for it.

Pretty cool huh?

Anyway, long story short, engagement is a lot of work, but well worth it. So stop reading this and get out there and make some comments!


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