Could Splinterlands be my greatest investment yet?

Splinterlands is living the most thrilling times since its inception and it is hard to stay on the sidelines and not to get into the game. And lucky enough I kept the pace in the game and been around most of the seasons and kept on building up my assets in the game. And with the current game developments I couldn't be more grateful where the game is at and where it is heading.

You can access this information at:

We are just few days from the launch of Splintershards (SPS) the game governance token and the strategy for airdropping these to the players is simply genius. Instead of a single drop, players and investors in the game can CLAIM the SPS tokens daily over the course of one year. That should lock the assets in the players wallet if they want to get more and more SPS as there will be daily recalculations that will be used for next day allocation. Such a solid plan and with so many other ways to earn more and more like Staking or Liquidity Pools. And there is a Splintershards Whitepaper to explain anything an investor might need to know to be at the right place at the right moment.


And while in the past I would sell some of the DEC for HIVE (I simply am a HIVE addict and use any opportunity to grow my share of this blockchain tokens), from now on I will keep this separate. I will work on building both of them (like I am doing with LEO and CUB), but these will remain separate investments and I will need to make them grow in their own ecosystems (even if this post will get layers rewards and this is why I love this great blockchain and all secondary layer tokens).


So, without getting too much into details I will draw below my current status in the game and where I intend to get in the course of one year. If the game will keep the current direction and with my involvement and growth on different layers, I hope to get there. It might be bold, but without that we wouldn't have the courage and energy to take such a crazy bet. So I will be posting from time to time my progress and if you want to see if I make it or brake it, you can come back and check it!


  • As SPS is yet to be launched and I am not sure about the airdrop distribution for all my assets, I will fill up the Current status and Target information in a next post.
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