How Much Bitcoin Should Someone Own?


We all know that there are basically two types of people who buy Bitcoin one is the type that believes in the underlying technology of Bitcoin and the other type is simply in it for the money. I will also say that there is indeed a third type that does believe in the tech behind Bitcoin but would also like to make some money out of it.

So in this post, I will be talking about the Basic Investor guys who are in it for the money and how much Bitcoin they should hold according to me. Well for starters Bitcoin is not Ethereum where you need a set number of tokens to get Staking rewards so what should be the number that is truly hard to speculate. But I am going to do it anyway.

First of all, I want to say that this is quite a Speculative Asset and if you do not know about Bitcoin you should tread very carefully as this is not something you invest your life savings in thinking you will go Rich with the Train. As for me, I am only invested like 10% of my net worth and I have also invested in other Stocks and Bonds as well to hedge my Funds. So tread carefully.


So now let's get down to the question at hand, How much Bitcoin Should Someone Own?

I feel like you should at least keep 40-50 percent of your Crypto Portfolio as Bitcoin. So if your Crypto Portfolio is worth 1000 USD you should keep at least 400 USD worth of Bitcoin in it. Now I know I may sound a little hypocritical as a couple of days ago I wrote this post where I talked about how I don't own a lot of Bitcoin myself even though my Crypto Portfolio is decent enough.
But in that same post, I also talked about how I was making sure my Bitcoin Holdings grow and take more allocation in my Crypto Holdings.

So yeah I would say you should have at least 40-50 percent of Bitcoin in your Crypto Holdings as even in Stock Market we keep the majority of our Portfolio in Large Cap Stocks and there is a reason for that right so I feel like the same should apply to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies.