Ape Mining Club Sneak Peek


You might have heard we are building a new game that will use a new APE token as well as the STEM token. We have been working hard on the finishing touches and testing so we can launch the game soon.

Until then, how about a few sneak peeks?

The game features a login and logout feature powered by Hive Keychain.

The game is powered by the Hive blockchain!

Because we are using the Hive blockchain, there are no transaction fees but you do need a Hive account.

You can boost stuff, what that stuff is you will have to wait and see. Do you like to boost stuff? I know I do!

I know you can't get GPUs in real life due to shortages, but we have plenty of virtual GPUs available and some really cool pixel art.

I think I gave away a lot of peeks into the new game we are creating.
I'll update you guys when I have more to share.

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