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following the first post from this year, where I did set my financial goals for 2021, I do a monthly update at the start of each month. October is here and the update shall come along. project plays a major role in my crypto world, but I will not cover it in her. I might use it for the LEO tracking, as I ship most of the earned LEOs into the

The following goals I've set to achieve till the 1st of December as I want to have them set in 11 months not 12 as December is more a planing, reviewing, budgeting and not the less a family month. Targets can be changed and adapted, depending on the happenings on the blockchain and the opportunities that will arise. This targets my change due to the external factors or if I reach some of them earlier.

September was the best month, from the growth point of view, since I've set this plan. It is amazing to see how much speed and traction one can get after an investment matures.


The LEO stake.

LEO power has risen again slowly in my portfolio, as I posted only a few times this month. I stake each week over 100 LEO on the LEO-WBNB pool on

The delegation to @leo.voter yields a fair amount of LEO on a daily basis. Price is underrated, so I hope to get as many tokens as I can.

The LBI stake.

The LBI stake target has been reached, and this project is closed for now. I will not try to increase my stake this year, and it might be a project for next year, to reach a higher percentage from the holdings.

SPI token.

This month, I bought some new SPI, and I'm over half of the target. To achieve it, I need to invest more into it.

I might close it next month, when I expect a cash bonus and will want to add another self runner on my portfolio.


Hive is the backbone of the platform and each user shall have a decent stake in it. I'm growing very slow, as I do it only by posting. This month was better than August, but still I'm far from what I want to achieve.

Hive can explode every day and I might lose a big opportunity if I don't get more.

LEOM and LEOMM, the turbos for LEO.

LEOM target has been reached, and I can say this is closed for now.

LEOMM is still expensive, and I buy LEOM to compensate them. I might have aimed for a very low amount. Next I shall go for the double at least.


Brought by my friend @detlev is one of the projects I like, and the BEER tokens are continuously pouring in. It is a cool project that brings a bit more fun to the chain.

Remember that there is #beersaturday and the beer wagon.

SIM token production.

On DCity, the game brought by @gerber, I have a theoretical high income, but this does not help due to high taxes. The strategy has changed, and now I try to grow the income via other means like production of citizens and technologies.

Index token.

Index is brought by the @ctp mastermind, @jongolson. It is a good concept that provides daily dividends. This month I managed to come a step closer to my goal and hope to close it also earlier.

CTP token.

CTP has been increased slowly, steady, but slowly. It will follow suit when Index will be closed.

Dhedge token.

This target has been reached this month. I own a little over 1% of the stake and I'm glad I do, because it is bringing a steady passive income.

Utopis token.

The token is made by @chronocrypto with an interesting concept behind. Target is almost closed and I'm happy that @chronocrypto managed to solve his onchain issues.

Now to the plan.

To keep track of it I did a snapshot from @hivebuzz which makes my life easy (thanks @arcange for the tool - you deserve fully my witness vote and not only for hivebuzz):



My interaction has dropped tremendously as I'm having a lot less screen time and time in general.


Some other targets that are planned this year, where the crossed out, have been closed and reached.

  • Visit from Toruk
  • reach top25 of Leo monthly earners - this I don't know as there was no report for the past 7 months. Maybe @amr008 can help here out.
  • reach top spot on Leo comment writers in one week - way out of my time league at the moment, but it is a good motivation to reach my comments target when I will have a break.

How was your month? Have you come closer to your goals?

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