#AskLeo - What crypto games do you play that have earning potential?



for today's #AskLeo, the # tag by @acesontop, I want to ask you what crypto games do you play, that have earning potential. The higher the income, the better, but this shall not be a knock-out criteria. Also, which game do you think has the chance to make it big from your list?

Well, for me at the moment is Splinterlands the number one. I was from the start and almost gave it up twice. It is bringing a nice income now after a good growth in the past months. I hope that it can maintain its traction and develop further.

Another game that I think has potential is Rising Star, where the community is small but strong. Here, a more aggressive marketing campaign might be the key. Also, too many new users can kill the game as the cards are limited and a massive afflux of new players won't be able to buy so many cards.

The 3rd game would be RPlanet, as it has a lot of users. Here the game devs must communicate more often with the fans, as nobody knows what is coming next. This game made a lot of people rich very fast, but also failed shortly after. It might recover with new features that will be added in the next future.

So, what other games do you play that have earning potential or might go high in value?

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