#AskLeo - Do you take everything on the way?


for the #AskLeo of today, the 3 tag by @acesontop, I want to ask you a simple question, do you take everything on the way, and by everything, I mean all the possible profit, even if it is cents?

Why I'm asking this? Well, now I'm in Germany and see people that make hundreds of thousands € a year, but still don't heat their home or shower with cold water, to save some cents. In winter, they never have more than 18 °C in their homes.

For me this is weird, as yes, we live in a frugal way, but we don't save on showering with cold water or heath in the winter time. Sometimes I'm guilty of cent picking, but try to stop looking at it, as by doing this, sometimes I lose the bigger sum, where I can earn hundreds.

I've learnt the hard way, that for us, it was better to focus on earning more than spending less. We optimize as much as we can, but we don't cut to the extreme, as with too much cutting there can't be growth. We shifted the mindset in the past 3 years to focus more on the growth and on bigger chunks, not cents. Yes, cents are important for the start, to understand the value, but after that, the bigger wins are important.

What sense does it make to save 200-300 € on heath, if I spend 100-200 on medicine? I'd rather stay comfortable and focus on a project that makes this money during a weekend. Growth mentality beats the frugal mentality, at least for my family.

I don't say that at the start I did not took everything, because I did till one point. Frugality helped us the first 4 years of being together, this till we reached a picking point where growth was there, and we needed to ride the growth wave. There might be a time in a future where we need to take everything, but this is not the moment for now.

What about you? Do you take everything?

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